Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Student Regent Interview, Commission on the Future, and an awards show outta UCOP

LA Times Interview with the Student Regent - touches on commencement speakers policy and picks (like Bill Maher); tuition and Prop 30; the UC Regents experience; food insecurity experienced by students; her relationship with the Student Regent Designate

on the topic of food insecurity for students: there were some UCOP awards recently handed out - is this a sign of a disconnect between regents, OP and students?
or are these research awards handed out responsive to the needs described in the interview above?
The three year BA talk again -now includes mention of the Commission on the Future dithering.. see LA Times: Professor Floats Idea of Three Year Degree

That's the proposal floated by Johns Hopkins University professor Paul Weinstein in the latest edition of the Progressive Policy Institute. In his paper, Weinstein found that a four-year degree at a public school costs, on average, $35,572 in 2013. A three-year degree at a similar institution would cost $26,679 — a 25% savings.
Gov. Jerry Brown supports the idea of offering more three-year track degrees, and a University of California special panel — the Commission on the Future — suggested that fast-track degrees were worth exploring in 2010, but the UC system has never tried to implement or experiment with a three-year model.

"Colleges and universities are a little like the healthcare industry," Weinstein said. "They're not very transparent and tend to be risk averse. Changing them isn't going to be a grassroots movement among the universities; it's going to take a visionary to implement it from the top down."

btw that ol' Commission on the Future has morphed again and is now called the Committee on Future Planning or some such- still all headed up by Regent Gould.
Skelton on Gov. Brown's Inaugural, State speech:
At that time, presumably, we'll hear Brown's response to University of California President Janet Napolitano and the UC regents who are threatening to substantially raise student tuition again unless the governor and Legislature cough up more state money.
Using music to better understand the human brain, led by Scott Makeig, UC San Diego ($300,000). The UC Music Experience Research Community Initiative brings together UC experts on music listening, performance, neuroscience, brain imaging and data science to understand the transformative potential of music for health and cognition.

along with: $9.7 million more handed out by UCOP...

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