Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Collision Course Cuts Committee - Composed of Two?

and hopes again for a May Revise revise
LAT: UC and Cal State hope for more funding than Brown offers

Brown did not offer to give UC the extra $100 million that Napolitano said was needed to prevent the tuition increase. Instead, he included his original offering of $120 million, and even that amount would be yanked if student fees increase. Much maneuvering is ahead over the next few months, starting with the UC regents meeting later this month, at which Brown is expected to propose a panel to examine UC’s spending.

and on CSU:
The governor’s plan does include a new and separate one-time allocation of $25 million for critical Cal State deferred maintenance and repairs, which officials estimate would take $1.8 billion to fully resolve. But the budget proposal, they said, would leave the Cal State system short of funds to fully address students' success and completion programs as well as technology upgrades across the 23-campus system.

Cal State officials signaled their intent to press the governor and the Legislature for more resources. However, unlike UC, Cal State has no current plans to hike tuition. If no more money is forthcoming, “we will make do,” said Cal State spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp.

NYT on the Precariously Balanced
'Panel', 'task force', 'advisory' - it is also being discussed as a cuts committee of two - by some news outlets:

- the reporter ended evening delivery of the story above by saying words to the effect of/what sounded like : the advisory committee on cuts is really just composed of two -Gov Brown and UC Pres Napolitano - but those comments aren't included in the afternoon embeddable broadcast video above or in the accompanying article- it was an observation that was a 'take note' though in the evening live broadcast. Is it really going to end up that way?

SF Business Times: Proposed State Budget Keeps Gov. Brown, UC's Napolitano On Collision Course

SF Gate: Jerry Brown’s budget battle starts with $120 million threat to UC

Remaking The University - Governor Brown Picks Up the Gauntlet

Changing Universities - The UC-AFT Plan for Enhancing Affordability, Access, and Quality at the University of California

SJ Merc California higher ed funding: Brown holds firm on UC tuition freeze
"Gov. Brown's budget proposal for community colleges is the best our system has seen in years," Chancellor Brice W. Harris said in a statement.

But if the budget proposal is reason for community colleges to celebrate, it's a dilemma for UC.

DC bold moves on community colleges -- now?

There's also
Mother Teresa, capitalism and Jerry Brown’s approach to poverty in California
and - they get his first comments on headlines that have been in repeat mode for months

and Reclaim UC with content related to those last two Sac Bee articles: Securitization, risk management, and the new university

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