Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another Napolitano interview, Anita Hill at UC, autonomy coverage, more

Last week there also was this:

Should also note here that Anita Hill is listed as a speaker for that Title IX conference at Berkeley next month (It is the conference that was announced shortly after UC Berkeley was listed as one of the first university systems under review for Title IX compliance. Several UC senior admin have conveniently booked themselves as topic expert speakers for the event... -to try to garner some street cred for how they 'handle things'?)

And Napolitano's former client will be at a book event at UCSC around then, too.
KQED offers a view: As Brown and Napolitano Meet - A Look Back At UC's Historic Autonomy

but that piece does not take up how UC constitutional autonomy comes up in myriad other ways, as in: this story or this story.
Is the Committee of Two just 'tussle theater' for creating more online at UC?
Sac Bee: Gov. Brown aims for reform of colleges: Dan Walters and then check out this other Sac Bee article again
Tech Ed, four year degrees come up in this Sac Bee piece on Reich to CA Senate Dems on Income Inequality and Education

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