Tuesday, January 20, 2015

But It's Oscars Season...pre regents meeting round up

Fox and Hounds a column there...:The University of California vs. Hollywood “Gov Brown and the legislature had more than $300 million a year in additional money in a tax break for Hollywood that its own legislative analyst said won’t work. And yet the governor wants to give the University of California – which has a well demonstrated and powerful effect on the economy of our state – only a third as much money, and he is making it conditional on getting his way in the budget fight.”

SF Gate A Step In Reforming UC, and, Maybe All College Sports

The shamefully low graduation rates for used-and-abused college athletes are getting an overdue answer from the University of California, one of the most culpable institutions. Under a plan up for approval, a coach’s salary will hinge on players hitting higher academic marks, not just games in the win column.

POGO: Nuclear Lab Whistleblower Case Moves Forward

Dr. James Doyle worked at the Los Alamos lab, one of the laboratories in the Department of Energy nuclear complex, for 17 years. Prior to submitting his article for publication, he had it reviewed by a classification analyst at the lab, met with the director of the security office to address any concerns, and made it clear in the article that he was providing his own opinion as an individual and not as an Energy Department employee.

But just two days after the article was published...

Daily Bruin: UC Doctors To Hold One Day Strike Over Alleged Unfair Labor Practices
Doctors in student health centers across the University of California will hold a one-day strike on Jan. 27 over what they call unfair labor practices, claiming the University has not negotiated in good faith with the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, which represents them.

“(An unfair labor practice) strike is the only way to compel (the) UC to follow the laws that govern bargaining,” said Stuart A. Bussey, president of the union, in a press release.

The University has negotiated with the union for nearly a year. The doctors, who organized the union in 2013, are negotiating for their first labor contract.

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