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Collaboration or Confrontation, Candidacy - and Sugar, Sugar

apparently struck by an alliteration jag lately...

so SF Gate has Ron Conway Donates $40 million to UCSF

(and, if you didn't catch it-- the UCSF connections in this: Propelling Games and Technology Forward By Giving Back)
It's well known that lots of UC campuses studying sugar in different ways- for instance, most recently: this- famous folks at UCSF working on other stuff, too.
Then, note the Mars bars tie in below, interesting. UC Davis looking at sugar differently, maybe?

see informative piece in: Sac Bee Opinion: Katehi has new vision for UCD

“By the end of May or June, we could have a vision for the location (of the World Center) and a business plan that details how we are going to finance it.”

Katehi said one site could work well if it made financial sense. “Of all the locations, the one in the railyards (in Sacramento) has the best attributes,” she said.
Katehi isn’t talking about moving pieces of the current campus in Davis to Sacramento. This would be a whole new campus with dorms in an urban setting.

This has been a somewhat nebulous concept up until this point, but very soon it won’t be. Already, Mars – the candy-making giant – has committed $40 million to fund innovation that could lead to new, locally generated discoveries in sustainable food, agriculture and health.

Already, the U.S. Department of Agriculture chose UC Davis to be the American headquarters for a research center on food safety with China.

Very soon, the city of Sacramento expects a local owner – developer Larry Kelley – to finally close escrow on the downtown railyard. Kelley says he wants the site to be a hub of jobs and investment.

Katehi also developed an idea of remaking the faculty at UCD through an initiative to hire 650 new professors in the next five to seven years.

Before she is done, Katehi could make UCD far more diverse and open than it is now. “We want to get away from the notion of a community of scholars,” she said. “That implies that everything is known. We want to be a community of learners.” Katehi said.

That pesky peppa history (many know wasn't just about peppa but admin moves) comes up, of course.
UC Pres. on that East Coast talk circuit again, that suggestion that she is on a list of contenders for POTUS 2016 candidacy included in the write up: "On Wednesday, U-M Ford School of Public Policy will present a talk ("Public Service and Politics") by University of California president Janet Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona who was Obama's 1st Secretary of Homeland Security. She is also widely regarded as a potential 2016 presidential candidate. The talk is webstreamed live at Wednesday 
4-5:30 p.m." EST.

(UC Regent Reiss gave her thoughts on the viability of Gov. Brown's potential candidacy for POTUS 2016 at the Nov. UC Regents meeting in her comments during education committee proceedings.)
in Reason Mag: Brown's Legacy Depends On Focus He Doesn't Have Yet
KQED: The Shrewd Politics of Jerry Brown’s New State Budget - on "his often proclaimed love for the principle of subsidiarity"

The governor may also have to win over his traditional friends in public employee unions when it comes to a proposal to asking workers to split the cost of putting money aside for their health care coverage during retirement — a major long-term liability. But his budget also proposes $560 million in salary and benefits increases for state workers, a sign that there’s a deal to be made if union leaders will take it.

much more in that article, it ends:

The larger question is how other players in the annual budget process will see those inconsistencies, and whether they create room for collaboration rather than confrontation.

And, that Boxer US Senate seat opening up - could mean some serious Ex Officio UC Regents pol moves; and (non ex officio) UC Regents political donations moves going forward. Could it impact UC Regents business, agendas?

Calbuzz Why the Governor Should Run for Boxer’s Seat
-it was tapped down in the comments there

but then raised anew now by the former 'Da Mayor'

Bloomberg gets seismic about it- see: video- Newsom talks UC at several points and where another Brown even gives the Rs a pep talk on the future CA US Senate race. Willie Brown comments on Kamala Harris candidacy. Others say Gov. Brown might be Mayor of Oakland again?! Wild, interesting stuff. John Heilemann and Griffin Hammond gets a read on which California Democrats are ready for the political major leagues.

Matier and Ross earlier: But at a Democratic Party fundraiser in San Francisco on Thursday night, co-hosted by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris, Burton told the crowd, "When we meet here four years from tonight, we could be looking at one California governor and one U.S. senator."
the Dem list of potential candidates goes on to include
... "and University of California President Janet Napolitano, a former Arizona governor and homeland security chief."
“It’s just the way the wind is blowing, and that’s not the way to run the university. ... The regents are the appropriate body to be making independent decisions, free of political whims.”
- have to... laugh?

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