Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dirks: "With or Without The Politicians". And 'drawn in' by the UC Regents?

that's in the holiday message- that section begins at the 3:30 mark :

and LA Times: Potential Hurdles Loom for Gov. Jerry Brown's Fourth-Term Goals

The University of California regents drew Brown into a firefight over higher education funding when they voted recently to increase tuition.
"I've learned that second terms can surprise," Brown told reporters last month. After being sworn in Monday, he will address a joint session of the Legislature.

The unexpected surfaced soon after the election. The UC regents announced a plan to raise tuition up to 28% over the next five years. Preventing the increase, which they say is needed to cover retirement benefits, hire new instructors and expand enrollment, would cost $100 million in the next state budget.

The outcry from students could increase pressure on Brown to boost funding more than he planned. He has said he doesn't want tuition to go up, and he notes that he gave the UC $142 million more in the current budget year than in the last.

"He's looking at a potentially disruptive issue," said Barbara O'Connor, professor emeritus of political communication at Cal State Sacramento, "because students are irate, and he's concerned about legacy items like a strong education system."

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