Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Given To Understand"... "Radically Broken"

What are the attributes, symptoms of "radically broken"?
Does "radically broken" mean a system comprised of multiple campuses being on "hairball" status? (Hairball phrase was a strange term for that UCB VC to highlight -and "radically broken" not any better -exercises in creating new 'spectrum of brokenness' terms. 'Given to understand' sounds like a desire to keep some distance from UC in practice.)

Sac Bee: Janet Napolitano Pushes UC To Front Line of California Budget Battle
- the piece includes three Youtube clips on her thoughts about
1-student tuition protests and
2- CA Leg. moves to change UC constitutional autonomy and
3- on her relationship with Gov. Brown.

She says she is "given to understand" that legislative attempts to change UC autonomy occur as reaction to UC tuition hikes -but is that an accurate CA Leg. history or pairing of events that she has been "given"?

(The LA Times 'UC as gem, jewel' talk in this op ed --with timing that seems to fall in line with the Sac Bee piece above...oh yeah, and those Californians to watch in 2015 coverage has spillover to education segments (K-12, CCC, CSU and UC) - and there's the FPPC and UC angle to consider in it, too.

On the CA 'legacy building' and 'dodging' there's this on K-12: "If schools are failing students, as Judge Hernandez declared after extensive testimony, how can the state, in good conscience, remain aloof?
Was the LCFF just a trick by state politicians to escape such responsibility?

-and then it ends with a pivot to the Governor's time as a seminarian- and that same vein shows up in this piece from the LA Times. A hint of a possible disconnect between the values of that earlier life vs. the political moves in the present day-- reads like a recurring theme of a daunting task to make both aspects consistent as legacy work- how to build upon 'the legacy of the father and The Father', so to speak - it continues on into this new term as governor.)

Directly On UC again-- the vague references to State Sen. Cannella's concerns about the UC $1 Billion miscellaneous expenses continue to come up.

Now see: "Anyone responsible? Anyone accountable?"

That post points to:
UC Boots Deadlines To Disclose Spending

Missing its own deadlines, the University of California is now more than two months behind in disclosing to the state Legislature and the Department of Finance details of its expenses.

The 10-campus university system first failed to meet an Oct. 1 deadline. It then submitted a seven-page preliminary account on Oct. 31 while requesting an additional six weeks to complete a final report. Those six weeks expired on Dec. 11.

The intent of the law was to give the public greater knowledge about how the universities spend money.

Finance Department spokesman H.D. Palmer said the Brown administration “hopes and expects” to receive the report this week. The Department of Finance (DoF) writes the administration’s budget proposals.

Recall those questions were raised long before the Oct. 2014 deadline

- like back in 2011- long before that particular request.
UC has had more than months to work on it.

Did they get the numbers on Dec 11th, or not?

-Sounds "broken". Add a 'you pick' adjective in front of it if you need to.

In other headlines, there's:

University of California System Boosts Surplus Thanks To Higher Volume, Rates
The University of California medical centers, which include the state's five public teaching hospitals, more than doubled their combined operating surplus on higher patient volume and payment rates in their fiscal 2014, according to their latest financial report.

Happy New Year...

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