Monday, January 5, 2015

"I will not make the students of California the default financiers of our colleges and universities."

that line again --and see Remaking the University: The Governor's Inaugural Address: More Tired Higher Ed Cliches
In the Gov's speech he talked also about pensions and public employees
and, as it happens, there's this in the National Review: UC's Pension Fiasco
CA Pols reactions to the speech at Sac Bee includes references to CA Higher Ed
Cal Channel (funded by cable companies, like C SPAN is) currently is devoting much of their home page content right now to UC (looks like its been like that since Nov and thru the leg break) including: "Jerry Brown Takes On Janet Napolitano" - and it points to this Matier and Ross article
Cal Channel also is listing UC Regents Nov meeting webcast (but it is just a link - looks like they will not be archiving on demand video of UC Regents meetings beyond what UC does, which is just for a year) and they also point to an article from LA Times on UC tuition hikes "Op Ed : UC Tuition Hike Earns a Failing Grade"...So, lots of UC issues there in their content.

The Governor's speech in full there, too:

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