Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Napolitano Talk at U. Mich.- Ford, and UCSB gets grant for IV

UPDATE: The archive of the talk is available here at this link - scroll toward bottom of page. Her talk ran slightly over an hour.

Update II:here is an article from Mich. Daily with some coverage of the talk

note her version of senior admin hiring approach: She noted that universities can reduce costs internally and discussed UC’s Working Smarter initiative that aimed to reduce costs within universities.

“We have identified $660 million in costs,” Napolitano said. “We didn’t replace certain people who were in management or administration when they retired. So we actually have fewer senior managers now than we did in 2007, 2008. And we really worked to bring down administrative overhead on students, so all those things go together.”

- and could she have been referring to Brewer when she talked about how new people can come along into pol positions and undo progress predecessors made?- that part comes toward the end of her talk.

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There's Napolitano talk Public Service and Politics streaming now live - apparently they say they are also accepting questions via twitter

UCSB Getting Federal Grant For Mental Health Services - $570,000

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