Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Outreach or Campaigning?

Maybe both... and/or.
In a Univision article, interview
Includes multiple video clips of their interview with her on UC and on immigration, along with a companion piece that includes UCLA students.
and interviewed also in Popular Mechanics
So much interesting ed. news outta AZ including this HuffPo on ethnic studies piece

Also mentioned here in this post: and on Saturday, at the end of a six hour meeting with a sustained focus on academic freedom, the Association's officers asked for input from the floor about how to respond to Arizona State University's recent raising of teaching loads for its non-tenure track (NTT) writing instructors by 25 percent (to 5-5), with no increase in pay. An ASU dean was in the audience to explain the administration's rationale, which was that all university faculty have a notional five-course load per term, and the tenure track faculty who teach two courses per term are getting three courses of credit for research and service. All the admin was doing, he said, was regularizing a lot of NTT instructors while rationalizing their workloads.

- But she didn't return there after DC. Does she ever get back to visit, or...?

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