Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reality and UC, or False Predicates

UC Regent Perez raised a motion/ proposed an agenda item to rescind the tuition hike vote from November UC Regents meeting due to what he called a "false predicate" presented to the UC Regents at the time of that vote - that occurred shortly after the Faculty Rep (made a statement/sort of presentation based on subject matter she said Vice Chair Ruiz wanted her to talk about -is that what Fac Rep statements are for?) and just before the education committee began. Would point you to the 'archive' of today's sessions (that lasts one year) from today's meeting but UC Regents have not made it available: here yet -only future meeting listed.
SF Gate: Newsom Calls For Tougher Academic Expectations of UC's Athletes
it includes:
Pérez said he was troubled by the low standard, which is also used by the University of Maryland, and said the regents should figure out a better one.
“I lean in that direction myself,” said Regent Bonnie Reiss. “Even if we’re only the second university in the country to do this, why wouldn’t we want to make the UC academic bar higher?”
Not all the regents agreed.
“This affects an infinitesimally small number of students,” said Norman Pattiz. “Look at the opportunity certain students are being given that would not be available to them. ... This is almost semiprofessional (ball). We need to give our people the flexibility to play in this game effectively.”
Regent Eddie Island said that if the standard were raised, black and Latino students could be among those most often denied a chance to play.
“Let’s not destroy this opportunity for thousands of young people,” he said. Athletics is “no less (important) than a course in biology. Or a course in mathematics.”
'Ticket into society’

(btw hear Regent Pattiz was on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - giving someone named 'Brandy' career advice, etc.
Seems so, see:
Since my divorce, I've come to realize that nothing is forever, and it's always good to have a skill and/or trade should I need to work until the day I die. With my expensive children, I just may need to do so. So I'm very thankful to my agent Alec who talked me into trying this and to Norm Pattiz for the opportunity.

They just referred to him as 'Norm' on the show. He chairs the committee on the national labs.)
And there's : this on Steele getting acquainted w/ Cal
Daily Cal on Committee of Two Urgent Student Input Needed In Budget Planning Process

Fox and Hounds on Committee of Two

-compare, contrast
and on CCC and four year degree no offerings in the SF Bay Area?- is it a tell on the value of the degrees after completion or just a shut out?
Dirks is in Davos again - not at the UC Regents meeting this week. Possible perception -the one that goes- 'With or without the CA pols, but definitely with Wall St in Switzerland annually' perception...

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