Sunday, January 4, 2015

UC Ventures not a model? And Adjuncts in CA Moves.

see Nat Law Review:
UC Ventures: How One Very Large Public University System is Setting an Example. Or is it?
... As systems consider investment scenarios such as UC Ventures, additional risks emerge, including whether a university system can both support its mission of furthering its research efforts and still maintain a sound investment strategy.
It then might suggest that if these endowments have embraced these investment strategies, they could somehow find a way to support their research enterprise by directing investments into a vehicle like a venture fund. The UC System may very well be successful at this, but it may not serve as a good example for others. It has a critical mass of research funding and startup activity, as well as a very dense and accessible stable of entrepreneurs, industry contacts, private venture funds, angels, and incubator models to work with. Before university systems consider to what extent they might direct investments into such areas, they should think carefully to what extent its commitments can be supported by such infrastructure.

also LAT: CA and unionizing adjunct faculty

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