Friday, January 23, 2015

UC's Closed Domestic Doors, Safe International Harbor Approach?

IHE: The New Normal at Berkeley-California Governor Jerry Brown this week said the state’s flagship -- the University of California at Berkeley -- has closed its doors to “normal” people.
“More families wrongly are trying to get their students into the University of California, thinking it’s better,” Fajnor said.
Unlike Douglass, Fajnor doesn’t think adding more special admits will get more so-called “normal” people into Berkeley.
“When Berkeley can figure out how to graduate an athlete they should be allowed to expand their special admit pool – or maybe even win a football game,” he said.
Caitlin Quinn, a Berkeley political science major who is also a vice president for the Associated Students of the University of California, said that as Berkeley grows more competitive, students don’t blame each other.
“The university tries to pit us against each other from admissions to introductory weeder classes to research opportunities – more funding from the state would mean more spots for everyone, more housing, more research, more great professors,” she wrote in an email.
Students learn from one other, Quinn said, so if the so-called normal students end up getting frozen out, it's a detriment to the students and the university. The state and the system share responsibility, she said.

Toward the end Regent M' comments come up in the coverage but IHE leaves out the part about the 2 billion and the building safety that he also mentioned...
IHE: UC Berkeley Proposes Global Educational Hub In Its Own Backyard

Who runs the "safe harbor" and for what? Is it CA or Fed. U, or? Lots of questions on the set up.

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