Thursday, January 29, 2015

Where Were They?

First, where was UCOP? as in:UCOP Misses Chance To Discuss Future of Higher Ed Funding

KALC: What Will It Take To Make UC's Budget More Transparent?

Also this op ed:UCSA Demands Greater Fiscal Transparency of UC Regents
Daily Cal: Campus study finds that women, ethnic minority faculty members earn slightly lower average salaries

the PR piece: Campus poised to act on salary gaps for women, minority faculty

and, where's the adjunct, lecturers, instructors experiences in any of it?

Daily Bruin's much talked about submission: UC Should Develop Budget Without Utilizing Tuition Hikes includes this:
Inside the classroom, faculty devote less time to scheduled teaching than in the past. According to national data from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute in 2014, 45 percent of faculty devoted nine or more hours a week – approximately a quarter of their time – to scheduled teaching. That is down from 56.5 percent in 2001 and 63.4 percent in 1991. 7.2 percent of faculty report having no scheduled teaching. On a national level, is it fair to ask students to pay more when faculty teach less?

See referenced: Undergraduate Teaching Faculty - The 2013-2014 HERI Faculty Survey
The $250,000 new PR hire at UC Davis came up in the KALC talk listed above, and the Daily Bruin piece, also listed above, mentions the UC capital projects spending and spending...

Sacramento Business Journal with: UC Davis Begins Early Discussions On Creating Urban Center Campus
Includes an Alice in Wonderland section:
The university is working on multiple efforts which may or may not be the third campus. The university is working to establish a World Food Center and the UC Davis Mars Innovation Institute on Food and Health. Those could be part of the Campus for the 21st Century, but they should not be confused with it, Currall said. The scope and details of the Campus for the 21st Century are now just starting to be discussed.

More staff hired to help Jagdeep and dreams of endless 17%

Scott Chan, chief investment officer at the $7.7 billion Sacramento County (Calif.) Employees' Retirement System, has been named senior managing director of public equities in the University of California's investment office.

Santa Cruz Sentinel: mentions the UC's deferred maintenance and asks who referees the committee of two

Fresno Bee with Poll: High approval for Gov. Jerry Brown, support for budget

and, see San Diego Reader with "Bill and Hillary's California Peacock -Ex-Obama aide and friend of Bill gets $280,000 University of California spot"

At its meeting in San Francisco last week, the university's board of regents signed off on creating the new position of senior vice president of government relations and gave the job to Nelson Peacock, an aide to Napolitano when she ran the Department of Homeland Security under Democratic president Barack Obama. and more detail.
UCSD and UCOP potential ties to HRC campaign efforts in the future covered there.

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