Friday, February 27, 2015

A Different Kind of LLP

Daily Cal: UC maintains AA bond rating, reflecting stable financial outlook

The report highlighted potential plans to expand the UC Merced campus, which could affect the university’s credit profile. The goal of the expansion would be to increase enrollment of the UC system’s newest and smallest undergraduate campus from 6,000 to 10,000 students by 2020. The proposed plans have not yet been approved by the UC Board of Regents.

At: recent Sacto hearing - scroll toward middle of the home page to see video on a recent CA joint legislative audit that included discussion of non resident and CA resident enrollment at UC below - the topic/practice of CA residents being offered admission to UC Merced (instead of the applicant's other 'higher ranked UC campus preference') and the low rate of acceptance of those offers to UC Merced came up in hearings in Sacramento on UC admissions and budget. Keep that in mind as you read that excerpt above in that story from Daily Cal...

In Sacto there was good explanation given etc- it is a new campus, has to grow, amenities questions etc.
Asking too much of a new campus?
When the other campuses were starting out did they have the same pressures?
Fox & Hounds gives a good synopsis of some parts of that Sacto hearing, here: Assembly Subcommittee Flunks UC Budget
including this hot button issue:
Most of the testimony from witnesses at the meeting, with the exception of the UC representative, contended UC is not spending its money wisely or transparently. Paul Golaszewski, principal fiscal and policy analyst at the Legislative Analyst’s Office, led off by taking issue with UC’s contention that its professors are underpaid.
“We looked at data on faculty recruitment and retention over a number of years and concluded that it appeared that at the salary levels and the compensation levels they were offering, they had a very low turnover rate for faculty, something like 2 percent a year,” Golaszewski said. “It appeared that they were still able to get the types of faculty that they needed.”
He told the committee that it’s hard to know exactly what UC professors are doing to earn their salaries.
“Faculty workload data is much more difficult to come by,” he said. “We do have data on the student-to-faculty ratio. But that’s not telling you how much faculty are teaching. The University doesn’t track that data, the federal government doesn’t track that data. So that’s an area you might want to drill down and get a better understanding moving on.”

- A question arises: How do: those UC "profit sharing" circles work if they "don't track that data"? (see the KCRA article at this link: here.)
There is some drama for a UC Regent these days:

If board ‘disruptions’ continue, LBCC President Eloy Ortiz Oakley says he may leave

“Unfortunately, disruptions at the governing board level have caused the college to lose focus and shift human resources to respond to the disruptive nature of the board’s functioning,” President Eloy Ortiz Oakley wrote to the Board of Trustees in a Feb. 17 memo obtained by the Press-Telegram. “The disruptions have led to several key executive team members, including myself, to consider other professional opportunities.”

The team said in its report that noncompliance issues related to morale, raised in previous reviews, were “found to be resolved,” but also recommended that the college address “communication problems and increase transparency and trust.”

The team said in its report that trust is “unacceptably low amongst nearly all campus groups” and the biggest issue impacting morale “was the state fiscal crisis resulting in faculty and staff cuts, program eliminations and furloughs.”

Oakley wrote that the work the college leadership and board has done over the past five years has placed LBCC as a state and national leader when it comes to policies that lawmakers are pushing in higher education. He added that his leadership and the work of the board is why Gov. Jerry Brown appointed him to UC Board of Regents, why LBCC was invited by the White House to present at two college opportunity summits, and why “President Obama also borrowed from the LBCC playbook by launching America’s College Promise in January.”

There seems to be some affinity b/ween the Pres and the Pres of the UC Regents on other topics, too...
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