Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a jolting reminder

see NBC Bay Area's: Unexpected Quake Risks in California Public Schools - includes archive video of UC Santa Cruz classroom experience during an earthquake that happened a few years ago- at the 2:28 mark here:

Regent M, chair of buildings and ground committee for UC Regents, mentioned the state of some UC buildings to the Governor at the Jan UC Regents meeting- his words to the effect of saying that the Gov., in his capacity at CA AG, likely would not have allowed UC Regents, in the capacity of their other non-UC Regent roles, to maintain buildings held by their own privately held businesses in the same manner that results in the current state of some UC buildings. And, during final open session to close out the UC Regents meeting, Regent M also made comments noting the Gov's abstention from a vote on a committee "GB" report. This was all mentioned in earlier posts on UC Regents Jan meeting.

UC Regents put UC funds toward new buildings repeatedly under the explanation that the 'donors make us do it' - and it often looks like existing UC buildings maintenance projects don't readily receive that same flow of funds because there's a belief 'the state should take care of them' etc.

For news flashbacks -
The California Watch Series on it- in depth

and, remember Daily Cal article: Brown line-item vetoes $50 million in UC funding Saturday

The $50 million in additional funds, aimed at deferred maintenance across the UC system, was supported by UC President Janet Napolitano, student groups such as the University of California Student Association and many university workers unions.

Still, Brown removed the funds, also removing another $50 million slated for the CSU system.

“We should not commit additional General Fund monies of this magnitude when we are facing unanticipated costs such as fighting the state’s extreme wildfires,” Brown said in his message to the California State Assembly.

Students went to Sacramento in August to lobby the legislature to pass the bill, formerly referred to as Senate Bill 872 and Assembly Bill 1476.

“Given the state’s improved financial outlook, we believe that AB 1476

and Daily Cal on it earlier here too
According to Denton, projects that focus on safety rather than new programs — such as the replacement of Tolman Hall — rarely receive donor help. State help for these building projects has also been lacking since the recession.

For these reasons, the campus often has to take on debt to make safety improvements to buildings — in this case, $75 million.

“We have done remarkable things with and without state money,” Denton said. “Even though things have slowed a little, they haven’t stopped, and I would say they will never stop.”

There also was: that $355 million that went toward seismic safety for UC system-wide covered here

- but who knows how that went? completion? or current status?

There's other history, too --on how UC and the state interact on such issues, like this:
UC Researchers Balk At LA Officials' Request For Seismic Safety Data

At Cal, the reminder that with new $$$$$ - there's 'global campuses' to be built.

Any of this coming up as topic of conversation for the Committee of Two?
Sac Bee: Analyst Says Revenue Could Be Billions Higher Than Jerry Brown’s Plan

When you read that keep in mind the many more billions in the 'grammar school math'- once again that Stanford study: here at WSJ.
There's the Sacto position that 'UC didn't wanna be part of AB 94 98, UC wanted to be treated differently and so UC is treated differently' position that came up in ex officio UC regent comments at the last UC Regents meeting.

For the Committee of Two, too?
Daily Cal USCA Passes No Confidence Resolution on Governor Brown

and other UCSA moves are getting spun, scrutinized -even by ...CNBC

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