Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Lack Of Inclusion. "Oddly Dictatorial" or Gubernatorial or? Editing content of UC Regents Meeting Archive.

Daily Cal with coverage of: Anita Hill delivers the closing keynote address of the National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault and Violence in Wheeler Auditorium on Wednesday. Survivors of sexual harassment and assault placed colored sheets of paper with quotes on the steps outside and criticized the lack of inclusion at the conference.
Another angle on how tuition policy is implemented/handled here:

UCSD The Tuition Game

Finally, it seems oddly dictatorial that Napolitano’s office can arbitrarily issue a stay of tuition increases after the regents voted to approve it. Although Napolitano herself did propose the tuition increase plan, it was required to go through a vote before it could become official. For her to be able to stop and start it at will brings a sense of uncertainty to all students, especially since a single person seems to be in charge of the price of their education.

The mishandling of the University of California’s finances ranges from irresponsible, like unjustified pay raises for chancellors, to borderline criminal, like the UC SHIP fiasco. Raising tuition by such an exorbitant amount is a burden on those who didn’t create the UC system’s financial troubles. A better, though unlikely, first step might be cutting down the six-figure salaries drawn from our tuition money.

-Is it "dictatorial" -or just old gubernatorial habit... in a state that already has an elected Gov?
also see coverage accompanying audio clip here: this post "Listen to the Feb. 20, 2015 Meeting of the Regents' Committee on Investments"

"A demonstration occurred which was largely removed from the official recording."

Why did the UC Regents archive edit out the protest at the UC Regents Committee on Investments meeting? Usually, at UCSF where UC Regents full board meetings occur, that content leading up to clearing the meeting room is left in for context. Usually, UCSF also leaves in the statement UC Regents make prior to clearing the room -leaving open the question of whether or not that now standard UC Regent statement was read out to that UCLA room of attendees. There seems to be different rules at different campuses on editing UC Regents meeting archive ...btw this post "Listen to the Feb. 20, 2015 Meeting of the Regents' Committee on Investments" mentions former UC CFO Peter Taylor attended as a 'guest' -- and looks like he also is listed as a member of the UC Regents investment advisory group membership -unless that last name listed now stands for a different "Taylor" -- the agenda documents don't list full names of committee members and advisors... and he sits on one of the UC Foundation boards, too. The foundations are part of the reporting in the meeting etc.

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