Friday, February 6, 2015

"But even with the hard work of this pair, it’s clear that the student regent position is just one vote on a board of 18 to 20, meaning that in issues like the tuition hike, the voice of students is often drowned out."

UCSD Guardian: Student Voice On Board of Regents Is Underrepresented
includes: "But with additional support for the student regent, and better organization for the UCSA, we could have a cohesive student body government that’s even stronger than it was this year."
check it out Dirks' position on SCA 1 buried in the middle of his latest op ed: "It was to prevent the harmful meddling of politicians in the university’s life that led Daniel Coit Gilman, the gifted second president of the University of California, to advocate for autonomy from the state. Although he soon left to lead a private university instead, the political process he started played a strong role in the granting of constitutional autonomy to the university in 1879. The indisputable fact is that this autonomy has, in turn, been crucial for the development of the world’s greatest public system of higher education in the country. The states that provided similar levels of autonomy, including Michigan and Virginia, also spawned great public universities. Alas, now, more than a century later, we are faced once again with the threat of political interference in academic affairs of the kind that led to Gilman’s frustration in the form of SCA 1, a bill before the state Legislature that seeks to strip away the university’s constitutional autonomy. In my view, such a move would strike at the heart of the university’s reputation, excellence and ability to serve the public.

He closes by mentioning that he will be thinking of the Cal students as he travels...
He starts off talking about Governor Brown's otherworldly comments
- remember this earlier Daily Cal piece: Relationship of Dirks and Brown could define future of state’s public higher education
Daily Cal mentions a Stanford link in: UC Berkeley sees spike in student requests for admissions files
UCLA Fac Blog on Berkeley Pay Equity Study
You can find the original Berkeley report at

The Inside Higher Ed article is at

Reason Mag "Reverse Robin Hoods" centers on UC: "Of the 10,000 California state employees who earn more than Gov. Jerry Brown, more than 7,000 of them work in the University of California system."
History of UC System Funding Important to Current Budgeting Process gets into Gardner years
UCD The Aggie has this: UC Officials Weigh In On Effect of Obama's Free Community College Initiative - it includes several comments from Garamendi.
SF Gate on Brown and S&P and budget- California Comeback Due To Less Spending

LA Times: Road to S&P settlement began with Jerry Brown chat, novel legal strategy


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