Monday, February 23, 2015

Doesn't it seem strange?

They still haven't cracked the code on providing student services parity? Even though Berkeley has historically had a good percentage each year of what used to be called 'non traditional' or 're-entry' or 'independent status' students: Campus Independent Students Discuss Financial Aid, Social Support At Town Hall Meeting
“Many independent students deal with significant bureaucratic blocks when seeking financial aid help,” Mullen said.

Mullen and Abril said that unlike some of their peers, independent students have unique challenges. Additionally, finding a financial aid counselor who knows how to understand the kinds of issues independent students are dealing with and how to resolve them is difficult, Abril said.

“What we are trying to do from the town halls is make students visible,” Mullen said.

and also at Daily Cal: Unionized UC Berkeley Workers Rally Against New Pay Calculations

According to Jean Day, president of the local UPTE union chapter, under the new contract, union employees will be paid for eight fewer hours per year. Mason said this change, while small, was not agreed to by the unions, and Day said the unions consider this a “violation of past practice.”

Employees from the UC Student-Workers Union were not affected by the alleged reduction in paid hours. Day said UPTE is facing the same issues as the Teamsters Local 2010 members.

Adding to their grievances is the systemwide change from paper timesheets to a new system known as “CalTime,” which demonstrator Marchella Thomas said is not easy to use.

and includes:

Teamsters Local 2010 said in a press release that the goals of this rally were not only to educate the public on the employees’ grievances with the UC system but also to highlight the pay that UC employees receive. According to a recent Economic Policy Institute study cited in the press release, 80 percent of the union’s members are not paid enough to live in the cities in which their campuses reside.

Why should it be a surprise? Remember these articles:

SF Biz Jrnl: UC Berkeley Hasn't Quite Mastered Marriage of Time and Money

and this post on: University of California’s $220 Million Payroll Project Reboot

So, it is no surprise that this came up recently in this post:
There is no reliable method for delineating these expenditures on a systemwide basis, nor is there a suitable proxy to use to estimate them. Therefore, the University is unable to respond to this portion of the request.”
“the University’s accounting and information systems do not readily allow for the disaggregation of educational expenditures requested in the AB 94 language and funding is neither appropriated to the University of California by level of student nor by discipline, nor spent that way on the campuses. Faculty are paid to teach both undergraduate and graduate students as well as perform other functions related to the research and public service missions of the University and their salaries are not apportioned across these activities. Similarly, staff perform support functions affecting students of all levels and disciplines. These expenses are not categorized on the basis of what level of student may benefit or their field of study.”

Could this next article also be about the continuing CA Leg. questions raised around UC's AB 94 Compliance?
Term of Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies Bob Jacobsen Extended


There's: "Campus leaders featured at the roundtable, sponsored by the Berkeley Staff Assembly, are Cathy Koshland (vice chancellor, undergraduate education), John Wilton (vice chancellor, administration and finance) and Jeannine Raymond (assistant vice chancellor, human resources)." Vice Provost Andrew Szeri (strategic academic and facilities planning) will moderate. Staff have been invited to submit questions.

Strange- Why aren't staff moderating their own event? How does a staff group "sponsor" something they have no content control over?

Why aren't the Title IX and the Campus Climate administrators in any of it- "featured at the roundtable"? If 'Opinion: It's Time To Transform Our Campus Climate" work is so important... BTW- is the position in that piece that 'the climate' is just created solely by students?
Why is it that the only event for this on campus is the very final closing event featuring Anita Hill talk at Wheeler (for this supposed "National Conference" on -they don't want to call it Title IX and Clery compliance and instead want to just call it- "Campus Sexual Assault & Violence" --with heavy spin to just focus it solely on students-on-students behavior and hold the event away from the majority of students... Is it all 'off-campus' because they don't want a large cross section of students and staff around?

If something is important you give space to it.
If something is truly important the administration gives On Campus space to it.
and, if you are an institution that claims to be public and claims to desire public support - you commit to timely and complete archive of your public meetings... see Daily Bruin here

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