Wednesday, February 25, 2015

“For (the campus) to act as a role model in this conference is insulting," - updated

see: Students Demonstrate In Opposition to UC Berkeley’s Handling of National Conference On Campus Sexual Violence
With the exception of the closing keynote address, the conference is not open to the media.

and also see:
San Jose Mercury News: UC Berkeley Sex Assault Conference Draws Student Protest

This week, as university and civic leaders convene at UC Berkeley for a national conference on campus sexual assault, they will encounter a presentation that was not vetted by the event organizers -- the victims' unflattering view of Berkeley's handling of sexual assault cases.

Students organizing a Wednesday evening protest -- which will feature unsupportive quotes that rape victims attribute to administrators and others after reporting their attacks -- say UC Berkeley should fix its own problems before presenting itself as a leader in the movement against campus rape.

One such quotation, allegedly made by an administrator: "How many times did you say no?"

It's funny how Sac Bee gives the event coverage-for the pols involved- but doesn't mention that media are not allowed to attend, cover content.
But there is also this in it:
the California Part-Time Faculty Association, representing about 40,000 community college instructors, will be at the Capitol for a protest and lobby day calling for improved working conditions, starting at 11 a.m. on the north steps.

Lecturers and graduate student instructors at University of California campuses in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and San Diego are also holding rallies, teach-ins and marches throughout the day.

and 'about a third': A majority of voters said lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown should spend unexpected increases in state revenue on K-12 education. About a third picked higher education for more money, while less than a third chose transportation, health care and other programs.

Half of voters now think the state is moving in the right direction, while 41 percent say it’s on the wrong track.

and, this Campus Leaders Address ‘Painful’ Budget Cuts, Other Changes At Staff Forum
and this late breaking: UC Berkeley Built A Parking Garage Right Where Its Students Play Field Hockey
The field hockey players were told during the fall 2013 semester they would lose their field at the end of the season so the school could build a parking garage. UC Berkeley promised the players a new field, but didn't start construction on it until earlier this month. The university did build a replacement field in spring 2014, but it used the wrong kind of turf. The men's football and lacrosse teams can use that field, and indeed are doing so, but the women's field hockey team has to play on the turf of their rival, Stanford University -- an hour's drive away, on the other side of the Bay Area.

Athletes say the extra two hours of travel time per practice has cut into their sleep schedules and forced some of them to drop classes. Plus, the students say, it's degrading to have to play on their rival's home field.

SF Chron has given some SFGate blog space to: Sex assault victims to protest Cal’s huge sex assault confab Wednesday

UC Berkeley invited 80 speakers to its two-day conference on campus sexual assault this week — including Anita Hill — yet found room for only one of the 31 Cal students who filed the federal complaints that brought national attention to the problem.

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