Monday, February 9, 2015

in the great scheme of things...

Janet Napolitano and Mark Yudof talk covered by Daily Cal here
but see this WSJ piece: it might be a Stanford study that decides 'it' - in the larger picture.
It's becoming a worry that some critically important conversations on CA public higher education are being kept 'off line' --or, handled in what looks like 'Californians can hear it if they buy a ticket' manner.

The Commonwealth Club hosted this UC Travers Conference last year and after searching and searching it looks like the video archive and/or audio archive still have not been made available.

Recall: Several UC employees participated and spoke at that event as part of their job and it was an event held on a UC campus as a UC event.

In previous years, like this one there was quick availability of video and audio as part of the conference archive- continue to wonder why this 2014 meeting content is held back or buried, so difficult to locate, or what?

And this latest same sponsored Napolitano-Yudof talk (discussed above) looks like it also is not being made immediately available, yet, the decisions on CA public higher education are being made in 'real time'.

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