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"Jagdeep, you'll really miss these students if you do that"

(Jagdeep is the new UC Chief Investments Officer- some brief background: the UC Committee on Investments meeting took place yesterday and was delayed, shut down for a time when student protests broke out after public comment, the room was cleared and about a half hour later they started the meeting again where the quote above was later uttered during proceedings) Anyway, that's what one of the members of the UC investments committee laughingly said yesterday as that committee discussed:

The CIO's active, current efforts building the business case for creation of a private management company for UC investments
-they also discussed the decreased transparency requirements that would go along with it- and some other comments of note from committee members in that meeting, too:
Texas,the only public that has a management company etc., ... How do we act like a private university...You'll do better as a private university

(There was a lot of this type of thing throughout the meeting: committee members talking over each other, cross talk; mini conversations among some committee members; other committee members who phoned-in their participation and they interjected repeatedly without being recognized by the chair first and so they cut in front of other committee members who were waiting to be recognized; a bad wide-angle camera shot that only showed half of the committee; and a loud music selection -one that might have been a 'turn off' to some- was blasted to the audience viewing by live stream; the UC logo medal, with the 'isn't it ironic' Fiat Lux inscription, thrown on the screen when the UC Regents asked for 'a clear the room, clear the room'- no explanation given to new viewers of the live stream who might not understand what was going on if they were just joining or were more familiar with UCSF approach to live stream of the full board UC Regents meetings in SF.)

Also many, many important graphs that will be very difficult to follow along with if you only listen to an audio clip of this meeting. There was a live stream of the meeting but there does not appear to be an archive of any of the video: see here.
It: appears the live stream video of UC Regents Committee of Investments was not archived.
Still, several other important sections to the meeting for msm, student papers etc. to also follow, cover - if they are indeed covering UC. Some will: try to help others catch up.

This is the way UC Regents allow their UC Regents Committee on Investments meetings to be run and archived.
HuffPo with a good article on Harvard Divestment Activists Get Extra Alumni Support Ahead Of Court Hearing
Trying to see if Daily Bruin has anything up on the UC Regents Investments meeting- UCLA was where the live stream originated from-- couldn't find anything, yet.
But at Daily Bruin there's:

Kunal Patel: Gov. Brown must consult advisory committee when appointing regents
When appointing members to the Board, Brown’s staff either calls them or sends members of the advisory committee an email or a letter announcing his appointments, said University of California Student Association President and advisory committee member Jefferson Kuoch-Seng in an email. This kind of one-way communication in the form of letters is nowhere near the definition of consultation.

And advisory committee members have noticed, said UC Faculty Association Vice President of External Affairs Joe Kiskis. Several members have been vocal and complained about Brown not following the law, Kiskis said.

But this is not a problem exclusive to Gov. Jerry Brown – this is a systemic problem in which there is very little judicial accountability for those in the upper echelons of public office.

In 2010, Gov. Schwarzenegger broke the same law by not consulting the advisory group when he appointed David Crane as a regent, Kiskis said.

Should note along with that piece above
That Crane currently serves as an advisor on UC Regents Committee on Investments mentioned above.

That UC Regents Blum and Pattiz were reappointed and confirmed in August 2014 -then did not vote with the Gov on UC Tuition hikes in Fall 2014
(one of these regents also talked up 'sue the State of CA over UC pension' in March 2012-listen to last ten minutes here- and then he was reappointed and reconfirmed by CA Gov and CA Senate Rules committee)

UC Regent Lozano was also reappointed and confirmed AND she was a no show at the UC Regents meeting when the tuition hike was discussed and voted on in Fall 2014 (UC Regent Lansing had to leave that meeting early but she left stating her position and stated the way she would vote on it and why- but it was crickets on the topic from Lozano), couldn't see or hear her at all on it- so there's that too...

Daily Bruin also w/ this on that national headlines story:
UCLA Health Officials Hold Press Conference On Superbug Outbreak
FDA issues warning on medical scopes, possibly linked to superbug cases

and in non Daily Bruin coverage the UC President of the UC Regents did this as Governor- see Sac Bee: Jerry Brown names Napa doctor as new public health chief
If confirmed, Smith will take over a department that was sharply criticized last year by the California state auditor for failing to adequately oversee investigations of complaints related to long-term care in California. The auditor detailed problems up and down the state, where district offices were found to be inconsistent and haphazard in their handling of complaints, investigations and corrective action plans.

and, this at Oregon in headlines: Meningitis Bacteria To Blame For Oregon Student's Death.

Davis said the Lane County Public Health department is not offering meningococcemia vaccinations to the general public as risk of contracting the disease is "extremely low" for people not associated with the school.

Meningococcemia spreads through close personal contact or prolonged exposure, and outbreaks of the bacterial infection are relatively rare, he told Reuters.

But the close living quarters of university dormitories can create opportunities for the infection to spread, and several college campus outbreaks are typically reported every year.

and now this update Feb 23: UC-Davis Student Diagnosed With Meningitis-Related Infection
'Fall by the wayside'
University Diaries pointed to this: The President On Schools Like South Carolina State University

btw Daily Bruin with: UCLA To Lead Black Studies Consortium Across UC

Remember Yudof launched this with HBCUs and UC

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