Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Of all the places Napolitano could have made her announcement, she chose to do so in a lecture at the University of Southern California — just 30 minutes from one of her UC campuses."

Daily Cal: UC Opted For Poor Context To Announce Tuition Hike Delay
Napolitano’s statement came across as a political move to appease Brown and appear as a calculated negotiator. And the university could not have chosen a worse context in which to make the announcement.

There was no press release, no university-wide email, no information packet. Unlike the fanfare of reports the university released after creating the tuition-increase plan, the determination to delay it was taciturn. That’s not to say the message didn’t get out, but that her decision to announce something so momentous for so many students in front of people who held no stake in the matter was a mistake. It came across as unforthcoming. It came across as out of touch.

(and then consider the staging of her Anita Hill talk at Berkeley set for tomorrow and it can feel like there's been some cynical, purely political, and calculated planning for the use- or lack of use- of UC campuses as mere venues, 'staging' of her talks, it's unfortunate.)
(Kept thinking of then-VP Gore and that superfund cleanup policy while reading this...for some reason- would it need that kind of cleanup?) see: LA Times on UC Berkeley's Richmond Field Station and some hopes to make it an international partnership campus -or maybe wait out the opposition to having nat'l labs there

Dirks has pitched the idea to overseas universities during trips abroad, including recently at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His staff says that some announcements about partnerships are expected in the spring and that some programs could get underway in 2017; they declined to release specifics.

Previous plans for the site collapsed amid funding problems and concerns about pollution remaining from a long-departed blasting caps and explosives factory there.

Three years ago, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a federally funded and UC-administered energy center, proposed making the Richmond property its second campus. But federal funding dried up, and Dirks said he went "back to the drawing board" and switched to the Global Campus idea. UC regents last spring approved a long-range plan that can accommodate either.

Remaking the University: The High Price of a Public Authority in Wisconsin
- like a port? not like a port?

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