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On Presidents' Day : What Is The UC Standard -- these days?

As you read the items below consider the question: What does Goldman School Public Policy (GSPP at UCB) new faculty member UC Pres Napolitano think of the stance: "standard for a public servant"?:

First, SF Gate: Furor over $250-a-plate party honoring former CPUC head
'It’s shameful’
State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, who has frequently criticized the utilities commission, said of the fundraiser, “It’s unbelievable and it’s shameful. It’s an embarrassment to the people of California, especially to the families of the eight people killed in San Bruno, which was due in part to his negligence.
“We talked to the Goldman School about this, and they said they talked about canceling this. But then they said they would just weather the storm,” Hill said. “What is the message they are trying to send here? Whatever it is, it’s the wrong one.”
Henry Brady, the school’s dean, said Wednesday that the school had never sought to cancel the event. Peevey has a long record of public service, and understandably drew attacks in the 12 years he served as commission president for his stances on controversial matters, Brady said.
“That’s the standard for a public servant these days,” Brady said. “We like to recognize public servants who have taken on tough issues.”

Then see--
UT San Diego explains the detail more, see: Flawed San Onofre Project Steamed On $680 Million Replacement Generators Were Not Subject To Formal Cost Study
His years of service were celebrated by industry insiders, political appointees and union leaders at a $250-a-plate gala in San Francisco on Thursday while protesters clamored outside the Julia Morgan Ballroom.

Peevey, Pickett Neighbors

It was a bombshell disclosure by any measure: the top utility regulator in California sketching out a multibillion-dollar deal with the senior Edison lawyer in secret at a luxury hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

Edison acknowledged the 30-minute meeting this past week, almost two years late and only after U-T San Diego reported that agents investigating corruption within the utilities commission had seized handwritten notes on Hotel Bristol stationery during a search of Peevey’s house.

The meeting is questionable because commissioners are supposed to avoid any discussion of business pending before the commission, leaving that for public forums. Their role is to consider issues based on the public record, and without bias.

There also was:
SF Chronicle: Protesters Try To Spoil Swanky Party For Ex-CPUC Head

Last month, state investigators searched the Los Angeles County home of Peevey and his wife, Democratic state Sen. Carol Liu, for evidence of improper ex parte communications, bribery and obstruction of justice.
and includes:
“These are all people who believe very strongly that he was one of California’s greatest leaders.”
Protesters argued that the A-list dinner, which former San Francisco Mayor and Chronicle columnist Willie Brown emceed, was meant to intimidate Peevey’s critics as well as law enforcement officers looking into alleged misdeeds.
“It is a show of establishment force to send the message out that if you take him down you’re going to have to deal with us,” said attorney Mike Aguirre, who is suing Peevey and the CPUC. “That is why we are here to send a message out to everybody involved in trying to bring justice to the situation."

SF Biz Jrnl: Look who showed up to the swank party for a California official under investigation

Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown emceed the event and the guest list reportedly included an A-list of political heavyweights. Sponsors of the dinner reportedly included Michael Picker, who was tapped to succeed Peevey as the agency's president. The list also includes former state treasurer Kathleen Brown, the sister of Gov. Jerry Brown; Dan Richard, chair of the California High-Speed Rail Authority board; and Kennedy, the one-time chief of staff for former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to a story in the Sacramento Bee.

and, there's also: Senator Blasts UC Berkeley Over Mike Peevey Hobnobbing

LA Times: Amid Protest, A Call For A More Ethical Public Utilities Commission
Protesters said they were outraged by the testimonial dinner. "I am appalled that all these people who have financial interests in front of the PUC, the California Energy Commission and the California Air Resources Board are here to celebrate someone who likely violated the law," former PUC Commissioner Loretta Lynch said. (It's a: different Loretta Lynch than the one you might immediately be thinking of, btw. Some Cal history: here.)

Also UCLA Fac Blog had some posts on it:

Feeling No Pain at Berkeley

Gas Pains at Berkeley: Anyone Embarrassed?
And, some video:
CBS Local: San Francisco Dinner Honoring Ex-CPUC Exec Accused Of Shady Dealings Met With Protests
“You’re really seeing a walk of shame on the part of people that have associated with a corrupt system orchestrated with a corrupt person,” said former San Diego City Manager Michael Aguirre, who gathered with the protesters.

Looks like Daily Cal doesn't have any coverage on the above as yet -but they do have this: Napolitano Talks University Climate Change Plan At Department of Energy Summit

Maybe they discuss it during the Pres of UC and the Pres of the UC Regents Committee of Two?

Or, maybe not...

There's a lot of ink on it. What to make of it?

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