Thursday, February 5, 2015

Talk Today: Janet Napolitano and Mark Yudof

see : A Conversation on the Future of Higher Education: Thursday at Lafayette Library Featuring: Janet Napolitano, UC President, former Secretary of Homeland Security, former AZ governor AND Mark Yudof, UC President Emeritus.

Thursday, February 05, 2015 | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM | Community Hall at The Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation

Tickets: $25 non-member general admission. $15 member general admission. $40 non-member premium (first few rows). $30 member premium. $10 student. Visit for tickets.
Last week's Peter Schrag LAT article on UC was a reminder of Yudof years - b/c Schrag did a couple of articles on Yudof while in office-- including one that jumps out in memory where Yudof offered him some of his matzo ball soup at a lunch interview and it seemed like they had a rapport and capable of a candid exchange, so-- when Schrag wrote: "In fact, UC doesn't know exactly how it spends its money — and maybe it honestly can't know." etc.- that came across as written by someone deeply familiar with UC and with access to others who have even more knowledge on the subject.

So last week, after reading the Schrag article, in trying to look up the latest on Mark Yudof: this happy news in December 2014 popped up -it also sheds more light on his close family relations and their ties to higher education, pr and lobbying, etc.- -when others would refer to 'it' sometimes the details were murky but this article lays it out more clearly -for those still wondering.

..."a senior vice president in Washington for GMMB, a strategic communications and political media firm. She advocates for improved education on behalf of nonprofit organizations and other foundations. From 2002 to 2007, she worked in various capacities at the Education Department in Washington and was the press secretary there."

it includes this interesting bit on a Bruin:
..."a senior vice president of Strayer Education, a for-profit company in Herndon, Va., that runs Strayer University. He oversees the company’s external affairs and government relations. From 2001-5, he was general counsel of the Education Department. He graduated from Georgetown and received a law degree from U.C.L.A."
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