Thursday, February 19, 2015

Troubling Title IX Talk On Cal Athletics

Listen toward the very end of this Napolitano Yudof talk : Audio for the Napolitano-Yudof Talk available: at the 56:00 here

Moderator (who described himself as a GSPP Board Member a few times and this question framed around 'a friend of mine said' - they told him that): the problem at Berkeley is Title IX -and we had this discussion in the green room- his opinion was that Oregon they have far fewer sports that they have to fund and pay attention to and so they can concentrate on football. And so...

Napolitano: What? that doesn't make any sense.

Yudof: What?

Both N and Y: That makes no sense.

Shouldn't a GSPP Board member know that about Title IX?

Is it what rises to a GSPP Board of Directors caliber question? (Is there a caliber level for them?)

How is Title IX public policy discussed or not discussed at GSPP?

btw, on examples of unfortunate framing: who/what is Yudof referring to when he starts a ramble at the 1:01:00 mark (about UC Donors, strategic philanthropy) where he interjects this "some English professor who thinks he has a better idea about the American law on trusts and estates that has developed over the last 500 years"

Yudof also mentions his recent efforts on campus climate at UC Davis earlier in that discussion. So have a listen to the talk in full for more.
Daily Cal: Women’s Field Hockey Team Protests Delay In Construction Of New Field

Lee and two of her teammates, Courtney Hendrickson and Monica Marrazzo, pursued an action against UC Berkeley under Title IX — the federal law that prohibits gender-based discrimination in education — on the allegation that, according to Williams, the field hockey team is the only UC Berkeley team without an on-campus field.

At the demonstration Tuesday morning, members of the team held signs and chanted, “Where’s the field?” In addition to demonstrating against their lack of facilities, Lee said her team hoped to spark conversation about gender issues in general.

“I think the protests are really great,” Lee said. “They’re raising awareness, not just about our team or athletics, but about how gender bias is affecting our campus.”

Wonder what Anita Hill would think of the Title IX framing coming from 'friends of' GSPP Board of Directors at high profile UC talks? As mentioned here in earlier posts, she's around UC campuses lately for various talks, book tour etc...

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