Sunday, February 15, 2015

UC Regent Island on Student Athletes at UC - and those "soft bigotry of low expectations" flashbacks.

but should Student-Athlete be replaced by
athlete- student?
student-auditor of classes?
'non diploma track student'?
-What to call it (this approach/goal)? and how to count it when deciding on capacity for students (as it impacts the students who are degree track) in class space, seats, resources?

see SF Chronicle: UC Regent’s Surprising Views Stir Debate On Athletes

“I think a college degree is very valuable. My point is that not everyone will get one,” Island said in a rare interview days after he caused a stir by noting at a meeting of UC’s governing board that “a college degree is not the goal of every athlete that comes to the university. They come for athletics.”

and, it includes

“This discussion is not about the value of athletics,” said Regent Bonnie Reese, skirting the subject of race. “It’s what minimum academic requirement we feel we owe those athletes.”


“We’re talking about black, male students,” Iwuoma said. “The larger question is why aren’t more black students getting into the university — and not through sports?”

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