Tuesday, February 24, 2015

update on archive of the UC Regents Committee on Investments February 20 meeting saga

You can now view 'saved for one year video' of the meeting at:

- the picture is shrunk and the slides look fuzzier as compared to the live stream- but there it is...

The section leading into the discussion on building the business case for a private management arrangement for UC investments mentioned earlier- see specifically at the 02:04:00 mark
Also UCLA Faculty Blog on it.
Also noticed in passing: area of concern on UC archiving, see 'approved actions' section of UC Regents: and click on the links there for the the UC Regents finance committee approved actions for March 2014 and May of 2014... it just brings up an error message on both:"File not found Sorry, the page you requested was not found. We have recently redesigned the Board of Regents website, so the file may have been moved. Please use navigation or search to find what you need."

Do the UC Regents minutes capture all that happened in the approved actions links including the General Counsel approved actions that happen during Finance Committee?

Also, in looking at the UCLA website listing UC Regents Committee on Investments -- it looks like the listed meetings have date stamps that are not consistent:
12/10/2014 listed at UCLA

not consistent : with the UCOP UC Regents meetings archive links
December 1 December 1 > Agenda December 1 > Video

There's this from Keep California's Promise: February 2015 Assembly Budget Committee Presentation on UC is Misleading

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