Wednesday, February 11, 2015

UPDATED: Joint Legislative Oversight Hearing on University of California: Transparency and Accountability

Daily Cal on State Committees Announce New Requests for UC Audit
California Assemblymember Mike Gipson requested a new audit of the University of California’s budget Wednesday, citing lingering issues from responses to the last audit four years ago.

The announcement comes after a joint oversight hearing between the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, chaired by Gipson, and the Assembly Higher Education Committee. The hearing was held Wednesday in response to critiques of policies created after a UC budget audit in 2011.

One such change was a “rebenching initiative” designed to reallocate state funds more equitably after the audit found a large discrepancy in per-student funding for campuses with larger percentages of ethnic minority students. For example, according to a press release, campuses with a higher-than-average-portion of Hispanic, black, Native American and other ethnic groups were receiving less funding — more than $30,000 less per student annually — than other campuses.

Concerns were raised at the hearing as to the rebenching initiative’s progress so far and current UC demographics.

Update II - video archive posted below
Update I- This meeting has now ended. Will post the archive video below once it becomes available - along with news coverage links etc.
earlier: Webcast Live view here at this link
here is the direct link to the webcast:

University Of California
Transparency and Accountability
Unequal Per-Student Funding and Nonresident Enrollment
Joint Oversight Hearing
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
State Capitol, Room 4202
9:30 a.m.

I Welcome and Opening Remarks

II. Overview of Traditional Budget Process and Campus Funding—2011 Audit Report
Findings and Recommendations: University of California, Although the University
Maintains Extensive Financial Records, It Should Provide Additional Information to
Improve Public Understanding of Its Operations
Elaine Howle, California State Auditor

III. Overview of the University’s Recent Budget Processes, Campus Funding, and
Nonresident Enrollment
Paul Golaszewski, Legislative Analyst Office

IV. Perspectives and Impacts of Unequal Per-Student Funding and Nonresident Enrollment
Jefferson Kuoch-Seng, President, UC Student Association
Bob Samuels, University Council—American Federation of Teachers

V. Response from University of California
Nathan Brostrom, UC Chief Financial Officer

VI. Public Comments

VII. Closing Comments
The meeting in full begins at the 16:00 mark here:

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