Sunday, March 1, 2015

50 Spots

see Daily Cal Op Ed: Sexual Assault Conference Should Have Been More Accessible

Apart from reporting problematic statements, the media is also responsible for serving as a record and providing information to the general public. When so few students are able to attend, it is the job of the press to write accounts for those curious about what happened. A functioning media holds those in power accountable to their actions and fosters discussion among the general public.


Holding the conference relatively far from campus on two weekdays and charging students to attend created another level of inaccessibility, on top of the fact that only 50 spots were reserved for UC Berkeley students.


Also, there's UC Must Humble Itself Before Enormity of Sexual violence issue

Recently, myriad organizations and schools including Brown University, Dartmouth College, Penn State University, University of Virginia and University of Washington, among others, have overtly claimed to be or aspire to become “national leaders” in the field, as if the title were protective and as if we could manifest solutions by simply proclaiming ourselves the best. It is not noble to strive to be the leader in sexual violence response and prevention — to capitalize on insidious trauma for prestigious gain. Such a motivation smacks of hubris, ill-intention and fear. We have not found our institutional leaders.


KQED with Anita Hill Criticizes Campus Sex Assault Investigations
Echoing what the student demonstrators outside were saying, Hill said campuses should figure out a protocol for how to respond when survivors report assaults and how to identify repeat offenders.

“I’ve been doing some of these campus visits, and one of the things that’s really troubling me is the fact that we know that many of the assailants are repeat assailants,” she said. “But we do a very poor job, I think, of tracking different complaints about the same individual.”

Hill said she learned from her experience in 1991 that the process of how to handle a complaint matters a great deal to the outcome.

“The investigations matter. Informed tribunals matter. The informed process for getting to the truth matters,” Hill said. “And it affects outcomes. And I’m saying that in 2015, not because I think we can redo what happened in 1991, but what really concerned me is that we’re still trying to figure out the processes.”


HuffPo on CASA legislation: US Senators Seek Huge Fines For Colleges Mishandling Sexual Assault


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