Saturday, March 28, 2015

a UCSF talk earlier This Week

is the subject - see this article from IHE: Should a University Partner with a Political Organization host an Event on Campus? Guilt By Association

"I’m not saying they should not be allowed to set foot on campus, but they should not be allowed to do so as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, with an institutional endorsement,” he said, noting that the institute -- not the university -- originally pitched the idea to Keith Yamamoto, San Francisco’s vice chancellor for research."
HuffPo/AP: Colleges Are Getting Out Of The Health Insurance Business

and HuffPo reporting on: New Federal Data Show Student Loan Borrowers Suffering More Than Previously Believed

Have a UCMeP laugh?: Public Education and Public Lands: Two Ideas Worth Privatizing - In conjunction with the summit: Universities for Corporate Science, Private Profit from Public Land
Though the Brinkley bit is more complicated than that satire might lead...

(Not to be confused with David from the original This Week...)

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