Friday, March 20, 2015

C.O. Two and H20

There's this post A Billion From The State Appears - Like Magic- perhaps with a subtext of 'Can't that same magic happen for CA public higher ed, specifically for UC?'

So, here's some background on CA's greatest commodity right now, and how others are winning the solar power race:
MSNBC with California Drought Reaches Critical Point

And, this interview: Top NASA scientist expressed extreme concern about the multi-year drought plaguing California, depleting resources and causing wildfires. UC Prof. Jay Famiglietti discusses his findings.

Also, KQED on it:

The President of the UC Regents on H20 and CA will come up on MTP
The Politics of Climate Change - As the Golden State faces its fourth year of drought and commits $1 billion to relief, Governor Jerry Brown addresses his environmental advocacy, the fight over Proposition 30 taxes, 2016 and more. -- but can Mr. Todd get some answers for Californians on UC and the C.O. Two -Co2- Committee of Two?

UPDATE- At NBC News: in his MTP interview he mentioned universities:

Brown said the potential candidates for 2016 should be focused on the budget, climate change and investments in science, technology and the nation's universities.

"I'd like to see a positive agenda and not the mythology that somehow the government can retract to what it was in 1929," he said.

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