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Coverage of Today's UC Regents Meeting - Shirts Off Their Backs to Fight the Hike

in a is some coverage of today's UC Regents Meeting:

ABC local: UC Students May Not Learn About Tuition Increases Until June
and includes comments from UCSC:

LA Times Students Strip Down In Demonstration At UC Regents Meeting

NBC Bay Area: UC Students Strip to Protest Tuition Hike; Brown, Univ. President Give Few Details on Budget Talks

SF Gate: Jerry Brown, Janet Napolitano Stand Their Ground on UC tuition

Brown said software is capable of doing the job of college counseling and said Arizona State University had increased its graduation rate using such technology.
“In England, I hear they were drowning in their horse manure at the turn of the last century,” he said, offering another analogy. “Then they got motor cars.”
Napolitano said that UC has many online options already but that what worked for Arizona wouldn’t work for UC.
“Their graduation rate increased because it was already pretty low, so it’s easy for them,” she said, noting that UC would have a harder time improving on its rate that is already high. She said 83 percent of UC students graduate within six years, with the median graduation rate four years and one extra term.
In the end, it appeared that both sides were still far apart. Napolitano said the two would meet again in April.

San Jose Mercury UC funding: Napolitano, Brown Give Initial Report on Budget Stalemate

"At the end of the day the Legislature and the governor do provide the ultimate yes or no," he said. "Inevitably I am the one who has to say no, and ultimately I will if I have to."

Daily Cal: UC regents Meet to Discuss Audits, Medical System Finances

while there also see: Bill aiming to increase number of Cal Grants issued passes through Assembly committee

Daily Bruin: Napolitano, Gov. Brown briefly update regents on their committee

DB coverage of yesterday's meeting includes : Regents consider recommendations from UC medical centers

notes not quotes scribbles...
Public comment for today's meeting mostly revolved around
-groups requests for the UC Regents to sign a community agreement with Richmond on the Richmond Bay project;
-groups requesting a stop to Gill Tract development;
-Black Students at Berkeley and campus climate issues they face, their comments at Dirks directly
-and support from some UC Merced students for the development project discussed later in the meeting.

Napolitano asked UC Regent Chair Varner to schedule a presentation to UC Regents on UC Path for May or July UC Regent scheduled meetings -- that topic came up repeatedly today and repeatedly during the compliance and audit section of yesterday's meeting- the $50-60 million cost overruns on the project, etc.

Varner also tasked Regent Island with a project on 'updating, modernizing UC Regents governance documents'.

Regents Perez and Makerachian and others raised concerns to UCM Chancellor Leland, CFO Brostrom and General Counsel Robinson over how UC Regent agenda items on UC Merced 2020 project building etc. were moved from Buildings and Grounds Committee to Finance Committee without prior consultation of the chairs of both committees. (See this Merced Star story on the project for some background: UC Merced to present plans for growth to UC leaders)
The UC Merced project is going to try to use the same exclusive developer for a 20 year build out (all of the buildings = one developer) which is something not seen or done before and this was discussed at length on pros and cons of the novel approach. It is still in the bid submission stage.
The agenda items being moved b/ween UC Regent committees without notifying the committee chairs in advance, or getting their approval, agreement etc. -- this is a UC Regents governance issue that keeps cropping up (Newsom raised it on the issue of student athletes and grad rates)... and Perez also raised it along with the fact that an agenda item he requested months ago was never placed on the agenda.
(Perez also mentioned this in comments to NBC Bay Area- but not included in video clip above- will post it here if it becomes available.) Also, want to add in here a recollection that the agenda scheduling without advance notification to the chairs concerns were also raised on UCSD Med Jacobs building project- and Regent De La Pena and Regent M also were surprised on that, too.
The presenters on UC Merced 2020 were asked 'why this agenda item was moved out of building and grounds committee', 'why did the General Counsel receive inquiry and provide feed back to administrators etc. on moving the item away from buildings and grounds committee' questions persisted throughout the presentation.
It was also strange to hear Leland tell the UC Regents when and what the agenda items for the project would include for their September UC Regents meeting. Aren't the UC Regents supposed to be in charge of their own agenda items and committee work and they inform the UC Chancellors and public? Not vice versa?
Finally, there's Sac Bee: UC budget talks with Janet Napolitano headed in ‘right direction,’ Jerry Brown says
Melvin Singh, a student at UC Santa Barbara, told regents he appreciated the work of Brown and Napolitano. But he objected to the exclusivity of their meetings.

“We need a committee that not just represents a committee of two, but a committee of 240,000,” he said, approximating the number of students in the UC system.

...Student leadership from UCSA presented to the UC Regents today and informed the UC Regents of a planned April Town Hall at UC Davis Mondavi Center to discuss in open forum tuition and the university - they invited the Committee of Two and UC Regents to attend and participate.

You can watch archive of yesterday's and today's UC Regents meetings at this link:
--and just click on the presentation title link, the video will load and you just toggle to the section where you see the meeting in progress.

and background and tomorrow's schedule etc. can be found: here

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