Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Don't Wanna Be In It, Don't Wanna See It. And, 'if we wanted to ...just by snapping our fingers'

Available for getting movie credits in that 4 hour-long (Wiseman) documentary on Cal, but not available for a campus safety subject matter documentary?
What is the signal being sent?
Berkeley and Davis come up in:

IHE: 'Hunting Ground' Updated
It now lists only the University of North Carolina, Harvard University, Florida State University, the University of California at Berkeley, Occidental College and the University of Notre Dame, as well as its sister institution, St. Mary’s College. These colleges are the ones most frequently highlighted in the film, in particular UNC, where the documentary’s two primary subjects were students. Their story, in which they become activists who travel around the country to inspire other victims to speak out and use the gender discrimination law Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to hold colleges accountable, provides the film’s narrative arc.
Along the way, “The Hunting Ground” takes frequent detours to call out a number of other institutions for mishandling or ignoring the issue, including Arizona State University, the University of California at Davis, George Mason University, the University of Southern California, Swarthmore College, Columbia University, Yale University, Brandeis University, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University and Amherst, among others.

Even Dirks had time to give thumbs up and thumbs down on that other stuff, remember: "I also want to offer two big thumbs-up for our very own double bill: Robert Reich’s Inequality for All and Frederick Wiseman’s must-see documentary, At Berkeley."

- But, no interest in having the cameras 'at Berkeley' for this other stuff?

HuffPo More Than 1,000 Requests From Colleges To Screenings Of 'The Hunting Ground'
- includes trailer.

Didn't look like Cal was in that list. They don't wanna see it?
Doesn't matter, pretty soon it will be widely available for viewing.
It will also air on CNN in the Spring, just as Ivory Tower did- that was another documentary on higher ed, and, funny enough, some key UC leadership complained then about a lack of opportunity to participate in or contribute to that content, discussion: and: tried and tried to catch up to it late ...some seem to only want to dip toes in occasionally.

Then, see -on UC admissions and enrollment caps- this from UCLA Faculty Blog, it points to this quote from Napolitano:
“If we wanted to, we could make Berkeley and UCLA 50/50 (resident and nonresident), easily, just by snapping our fingers. The demand is that high,” Napolitano said.

-Not conflating the 'cap and snap approach' with the 'no movie credits this time for us' Cal admin approach-- but it's just a 'tone and tenor of the approach' /culture observation...
SF Gate: with more on the 'cap and snap'- includes comments from Speaker Atkins

“I am frustrated over UC’s latest attempt to use students as bargaining chips by agreeing to admit 2,000 new out-of-state students, but threatening to limit the enrollment of new California students,” said state Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, who has proposed eliminating the tuition increase by giving UC more state funds, raising out-of-state tuition, and limiting out-of-state enrollments.
In a statement, Atkins said Napolitano’s plan to cap out-of-state enrollment at just two campuses “does not solve the problem. UC’s job is to educate California students, not wait-list them.”
The speaker also accused UC of failing to keep its own spending in check, despite Napolitano’s assertion that UC has saved more than $660 million by reining in pension expenses and other costs.
“Over the past seven years UC’s core spending has increased 27%, while the enrollment of California undergraduates rose only 4%,” Atkins said, noting that between 2007 and 2013, the number of UC employees making more than $200,000 has doubled.

Atkins comments (and other parts of that article) sound similar to what Regent Perez said earlier about the tuition hikes - his comments caused Napolitano to grimace and say 'well he's a new regent... that's unfortunate language..' etc. here: in an interview at KQED.
There's also this opinion piece on the proposed UC Tech
and this at UCSC from SC Sentinel.
The snap of fingers quote came from (correction) this event a Sac Bee Ed Board interview here when
Napolitano addressed the CA Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance - her remarks begin at the 24:00 mark -- the other CA public higher ed segment leadership also presented just before her:

and CA Assembly Higher Education Committee also met on other items, agenda for that here and video here.

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