Monday, March 2, 2015

It's a shame they had to wait 'til

this point
Daily Cal Women’s Field Hockey Team Gets Long-Awaited Temporary Facility After Protest

--after some troubling Title IX related questions at that Napolitano Yudof talk followed shortly thereafter by
the Daily Cal and HuffPo raising the field use as an issue.

ABC News Standoff Over University of California Budget May Leave More College Hopefuls On Wait Lists

The rapidly growing nonresident enrollment is a flashpoint in budget negotiations. Between 2008 and this year, in response to recession-induced budget cuts and what the university says has been insufficient funding to support more in-state students, the share of nonresident undergraduates more than doubled system-wide while in-state enrollment grew by about 1 percent.

"That is a disparity that every California taxpayer is concerned about, that triple-digit difference," Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, a newly elected Republican from Dublin, California, and mother of twins, told the university's chief financial officer during a recent hearing.

At Berkeley and Los Angeles, students from other states and countries make up about one in five undergraduates. They account for one in seven at UC San Diego and nearly one in 10 at the Davis, Irvine and Santa Barbara campuses.

USC News: Californians Side With Jerry Brown In UC Tuition Dispute

SF Chronicle UCSF To Let Public See Trove of Medical History Murals

Though the murals were praised by art critics when they were finished around 1940, some of the medical faculty were not impressed.

Professors who lectured in the hall noticed that bored students paid more attention to the murals than to their words. The murals, they said, were “a distraction.” The late Dr. Langley Porter, who was such an important figure in medicine that a psychiatric center was named for him, thought the murals were “grotesque” and “terrible.”

And so, after some debate, the UCSF management decided to cover the murals with wallpaper.

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