Thursday, March 19, 2015

Napolitano on Student Protest: ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This Crap’ - then apologizes For The Use Of A Word at start of today's UC Regents meeting. - UPDATED.

March 20 updates: UCSA rejects Napolitano's apology for using the word 'crap' --See LA Times UC Student Group Rejects Napolitano's Apology For 'Crap' Remark

--She apologized for the use of a word, she did not apologize for 'remark' or 'disparaging', 'calling' etc.

You can read the UCSA statement in full here: it raises other issues in addition to the apology, rejection of apology etc. "UC Student Association Responds to UC President Napolitano's Dismissive Remark of Student"

Daily Cal: Napolitano’s ‘crap’ comment reveals her perceptions of protesters


see CBS Local: Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This Crap’ As Half-Naked Students Protest Potential UC Tuition Hikes

Protesters suspect the meetings were scheduled during a busy week of midterms, but they say they won’t stop protesting until their message is heard.

Students raised concerns over the UC Regents scheduling their meetings at the same time midterms and finals are occurring - those comments/sentiments were repeated by multiple students during each public comment section at this week's UC Regents meetings.

The UC Regents adjourned from today's meeting at 10am- the rubberstamping concluded early.

As this video clip makes the rounds --other FAQ comes up: Does the UC President run the UC Regents or do the UC Regents run the UC President- or??...

The decorum b/ween UC Pres and the UC Regents (through the way their Chair was spoken to) didn't come across so great in the mix, either.

LA Times covers it too: UC President Napolitano says regents don't need to hear protesters' 'crap'
along with coverage of the vague committee of two confab report

San Jose Mercury includes that today she also apologized: UC President Janet Napolitano calls protest 'crap,' later apologizes

Napolitano opened the UC board of regents meeting Thursday by apologizing for using a word she doesn't normally use, said spokeswoman Dianne Klein, and stressing the importance of the issues being discussed by the board and in public comment.

But Pritchard said that to him and other student-activists, the damage was done. "I know what she said is what she felt," he said, "and so the apology means nothing to me anyway."

You can see: Napolitano's apology for the use of a word at the 00:03:00 mark here

Also, one additional note and scribble: something that came up in public comment yesterday during UC Regents meeting public comment- at the 22:20 mark here- a student, in also discussing SB 967, said that some UCSB Title IX policy was not updated for over a year and was not in compliance with UC systemwide policy - she said UC Student Regent Oved and she discovered it and brought it to the attention of UC administration and she raised concerns about why that was the case--since UC Title IX policy has been in the spotlight as a serious issue for UC now for several years...

Once again, You can watch archive of this week's UC Regents meetings at this link:
--and just click on the presentation title link, the video will load and you just toggle to the section where you see the meeting in progress.

-- but remember the archive is only maintained for one year- the UC Regents do not preserve it as a permanent archive.

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