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Napolitano: "This Tuition Increase Won't Even Affect Them" - and her pivot on Title IX

There's KPBS with Napolitano Says UC Tuition Hikes Won’t Affect Neediest Californians

Compare that with what Newfield said a few days ago in the last fifteen minutes of this: KPFA interview on that very point
read this: Remaking The University post "The Impact Of Tuition Hikes On Undergraduate Debt"
--and consider again what Napolitano is claiming above.
What is to be believed?

In the accompanying article to that KPBS Napolitano interview above, it has:
The center said it awarded Napolitano the National Peacemaker Award, in part, for how she is addressing campus sexual violence.

and includes this:
"Napolitano: To be very clear that, yes means yes, and that there had to be a knowing and an intentional acquiescence before any acts occur and also now to have kind of a culture change, to really focus on prevention and how people should relate to one another, so a lot of our program will involve training and we also want to make sure we conduct adequate quick investigations and that appropriate sanctions are imposed."

""adequate" "quick" "acquiescence" "sanctions"

Yesterday pointed to an article Napolitano wrote for WaPo, here it is again:
Higher Education Isn’t In Crisis by Janet Napolitano
In it, she gets into:
Two recent contributions to the higher education commentary are Ryan Craig’s “College Disrupted” and Kevin Carey’s “The End of College.” Craig, a former management consultant, is a founding managing director of University Ventures, self-described as “the only investment firm focused exclusively on the global higher education sector.” Carey is a higher education policy analyst who serves as director of the education policy program at the New America Foundation, a Washington think tank.

Likewise, neither book really addresses new roles that our universities have undertaken. They are now being asked, for example, to prevent and prosecute sexual assault — and rightly so.

Is CA really asking Universities to do that?
New roles undertaken?!:
Title IX has been around since the very early 1970's
and Clery has been around since 1990
- so, what is with the "now being asked" bit?
Or, is it really about universities undertaking/bestowing other powers upon themselves?

It is a change from her earlier comments in August 2014:
“I support the principles of the McCaskill bill, but we are not waiting for federal legislation."
She said that it’s especially important to bolster relationships between campuses and local law enforcement agencies.
"That's one of the areas that have somehow slipped through the cracks in the national debate," she said. "A rape is a rape and universities and colleges are not in the best position to prosecute crimes, so you need to have a way for the campus to have a connection with local district attorneys."
Without taking a stance on the legislation, Napolitano did allude to some concerns that have been expressed from the American Council on Education.
“It’s very difficult for a piece of legislation to appreciate all the differences between institutions of higher education -- big and small, rich and poor, residential, nonresidential,” she said adding that the “lengthy and laborious” rule making process further compounds that problem.
see IHE: Some Colleges Embrace Tepidly Federal Scrutiny On Campus Sexual Assaults for a more complete reminder.

As with: UC PATH '$50 million+ and counting over budget' developments note: here at this link what interesting thing happened in February 2015, YEARS after UC Path project launch
It seems the usual... wasting time on in-fighting and power grabs: UC campus vs UC campus; UC campuses vs UCOP; and UC vs CA; and vice versa on all of that plus UC 'bolstered relationships' as CYA games --and it's feeling less like it is about protecting community members, completing properly managed projects timely.
The price stays high for- everyone.

Maybe UC should stop trying to pose as CA AG or Robin Hood... or, are they the same?

Napolitano toured a garden in SD, too. Maybe she can stop by this one in LA?

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