Friday, March 13, 2015

'No Paper' or 'It's In the Papers'- and, again --"the project is far from done and is $50 million over budget."

U-T San Diego: Computer Fiasco Confirms Fears About UC Mismanagement

University leaders in 2009 adopted a four-year, $170 million plan to create one central payroll for all UC campuses, medical centers and offices. According to a Sacramento Bee report, the project is far from done and is $50 million over budget.

Rather incredibly, the office of UC President Janet Napolitano won’t even provide a forecast of when the project will be complete or what its final cost will be. As an information-technology expert told the Bee, not having publicly identified baselines is a huge red flag because that suggests that six years after the project launched, UC officials don’t have a handle on how to fix it.

and more: here on it also.
(Remember when Yudof was UC Pres, when asked about (usually) compensation practices, he would frequently say "it's in the paper" at UC Regents meetings and in interviews i.e. his way of saying we're being transparent etc. Keep that in mind when reading this next...)

So, see NPR pointing out HRC in headlines and --when reading those articles...well, these articles also crop up:

Napolitano: "I Didn't Do Email" As Homeland Security Secretary

LA Times Janet Napolitano says she never sent email, texts as Cabinet secretary

Corn and Alter explain the elements of it in the HRC example that are important : here scroll to the 10:00 mark in the video: at this link or, alternatively, :here, at this other outlet, for a transcript of that section on the important points Alter and Corn make.

If DC folks are going to continue to pursue the top positions in higher ed leadership - particularly at public universities... it sounds important to look at how they view, operate in DC and their approach to business systems overall and any change they make or don't make once they leave DC etc.

Is 'the privilege of no paper trail' extending from DC into public higher ed?
What's the example being filtered down?

Also, a certain UC Regent's spouse comes up, in fact, they say played a pivotal role, in: Calbuzz Press Clips: 6 Takeaways on Hillary’s Email ‘Scandal’

There's also:
Higher Education Isn’t In Crisis by Janet Napolitano at WaPo

Minding the Workplace- Leaders who yammer “transparency”: The more we hear it, the less we see it

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