Tuesday, March 17, 2015

O' Bannon on St. Pat's Day, more, updated

First see: UT San Diego: UC Won't Get Peevey Party Money
Soiree for embattled former PUC president was supposed to benefit Goldman school

Aguirre vs UC Regents on CPRA issues gives the details here

Earlier in San Jose Mercury: Goldman School Should Send Back Peevey Cash

You can: also check out the lack of diversity here
There's also this: CA Bill Introduced to Bring Transparency to University of California Investments

After a battle that was fought in several courtrooms, a Court of Appeal decision in the Regents of the University of California v. Superior Court (2013) held that if the Regents choose not to obtain performance information about individual investments, the Regents can avoid the disclosure requirements of the California Public Records Act (CPRA).

While UC has provided performance information under the CPRA for their other investments, they have denied requests for two investments: Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia. The UC’s total commitments as of 2014 were $80 million for Kleiner Perkins and $107 million for Sequoia.

SB 574 would simply require that the University of California obtain performance information for their investments in Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia, just as they do with their other investments.

Daily Cal in support of Daily Bruin: UCLA Administrators Stonewalled Daily Bruin’s Access -Student newspaper sees blocked access to Chancellor Gene Block

Daily Cal: Campus accreditation reaffirmed, but inspectors stress need for rational tuition policy, nonresident enrollment

While the accreditation review team’s report of its visit commended the campus for these measures, the team also recommended that the campus reconsider its reliance on nontenure track faculty, especially for lower-division classes. In identifying upcoming challenges, the report noted that the campus needs to “configure its faculty in order to support the mission of advancing knowledge while simultaneously meeting student needs.”

The visiting team also noted in its report that despite the campus’s efforts to implement cost-cutting measures and improve administrative efficiency, “no institution can cut its way to excellence.” The team wrote that any attempt to cap out-of-state and international student enrollment or keep tuition rates flat would have “dire consequences for Berkeley’s ability to maintain competitiveness, quality, access, and excellence.” As a result, it recommended that campus administration continue to work with the university and state government to implement a “more predictable and rational tuition policy.”

SF Gate: What's next for City College of San Francisco?
The Economist: The Log-On Degree- College in America is ruinously expensive. Some digital cures are emerging includes:
That touches on another idea that could change the way other courses are taught, paid for and accredited: the SPOC (Small Private Online Course).

The present design of colleges he sighs, resembles “a 19th-century factory that builds everything on site”. In the next few years, Mr Ferreira says, at least one of America’s large elite institutions will break ranks and accept credits from the best online courses as part of a mainstream degree. At that point, he reckons, “the rest will quickly follow.”
O' Bannon on St. Pat's Day
"untethered" ughh--
NCAA Fights To Undo Historic Ed O'Bannon Ruling

The lead plaintiff, Edward O'Bannon, won a national basketball championship with UCLA in 1995. He testified during trial that he usually spent about 40-45 hours per week on basketball and "maybe about 12 hours" on academics.

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