Monday, March 16, 2015

"surface level remarks...broader discussion among the regents" -Is it just a delay tactic?

Committee of Two --It wasn't just supposed to be a late breaking May Revise scrum...remember promises of something like 'rolling disclosure', substantive updates to the community - not just for the UC Regents--etc.
Now see: Daily Cal on the Committee of Two Update
and a list of some agenda items for the UC Regents meeting this week.

According to UC spokesperson Dianne Klein, no official written report has resulted from the committee’s first two meetings, which occurred in late January and early February. She said that Napolitano will make a few brief, surface-level remarks about committee discussions at the regents meeting, but that the update is mostly meant to open the door to a “broader discussion among the regents.”

- Would that be a broader discussion in open session or closed session of the UC Regents meeting? Or, at one of their dinners? Or, what?

The: JLAC has delayed audits as a result of Committee of Two - are the CA Leg getting updates on Committee of Two proceedings?

btw: it's Sunshine Week this week...

and EFF with Happy Sunshine Week: Introducing The Foilies, Round 1

Should UC Regents and/or the Committee of Two- get a Foilies Award?

Here: is a link to materials for this week's UC Regents meeting

Napolitano and Daniels in Chron. Higher Ed-- 2 Former Politicians, Now College Chiefs, Lament the Pace of Academe

"I was afraid when I was appointed," she said, "that I’d get this immediate reaction: What am I doing as the president of the University of California — kind of a ‘How dare she?’ response. And I did not get that at all."

it also includes this section:
Now on the other side, both presidents lamented the hoops they say they have to jump through in the name of "accountability." Ms. Napolitano sounded particularly dubious of the word.

"A lot of it is not really about accountability," she said. "It’s really about challenging why do you charge what you charge."

and then there's:
"My definition of what a crisis is has really changed over the years," said Ms. Napolitano, who was preoccupied with terrorist threats and natural disasters in her previous position. "If I make a mistake in this job, nobody dies, by and large, so I think that’s a good thing."

Their comments from this event:
Monday, March 16 President Daniels will join Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California, former Arizona governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, in a special session of the American Council on Education annual meeting. Daniels and Napolitano will discuss "Path to the Presidency: The Transition from Government to Higher Education."

Here is some info on the ACE meeting this year
and check out some of the ACE content here

and for how these higher ed junkets go-- more here, including:
"Strengthening America’s Higher Education System"
both presidents lamented the hoops they say they have to jump through in the name of "accountability." -- there are hoops and then there are hoops...

HuffPo: University Professors Form Coalition To Fight For NCAA Basketball And Football Players

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