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They Don't Want 'Teachable Moments' Anymore?

Can't miss:
Boren gettin' lots of nat'l headlines and kudos today for handling this latest...
- and more on it here in USA Today with video.
but, when you turn to UC news-- a sharp 'compare and contrast' with:
UCI leadership getting called out for not handling things so great-- and maybe creating even more of a problem, or, worse yet- even fomenting the very kind of unacceptable 'environment' mentioned in the UO story above?!- Check Out: what is said in mid-paragraph here: in this UC Irvine Student Support Letter

btw, UC Irvine is going to be the site of a rare 'not UCSF located' UC Regents meeting later in the year- September.

Maybe they will discuss the questionable UCI communications and FB, Fox content mentioned above...
Or, this from WaPo:
U.C. Irvine Law School didn’t make the top 20: What went wrong?
part of that includes discussion of CA Leg funding and a theory on impact at the UC professional schools... and a discussion on the value, or lack of value, of public service discussed in it.

On other UCI vibes out there: a UT search is bringing up 'UCI's Drake to Ohio State salary' flashbacks:
UT Regents Have Hurdles to Jump to Hire Hamilton

Finally, Hamilton is also said to be a candidate for the presidency at private New York University, a search process that is not as far along as the one at UT. NYU's current president was making about $1.4 million a year in 2012, according to the Chronicle.

Hamilton is the former provost of Yale University. He was previously a chemistry professor at Yale, and before that he was a faculty member at Princeton. While at Yale, he re-established the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science following a 40-year hiatus. Hamilton became the vice chancellor of the University of Oxford in 2009.

If the regents do not pick Hamilton, they are expected to offer the position to Fenves. UT System Chancellor William McRaven does not want to re-open the search, according to system officials, because he is happy with the two final choices. Several regents, unhappy with Powers, oppose Fenves because he has worked closely with the embattled president. A simple majority of the nine regents is required to hire a president.

Before becoming UT-Austin’s provost in 2013, Fenves spent five years as the dean of engineering, during which time he helped raise millions of dollars for the university. The ability to fundraise is often a key factor in university president searches. Previously, Fenves served as the chairman of the department of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

When that 'UCI to Ohio State salary story' comes up- as it does, over and over- keep in mind also
Napolitano mentioned Michigan (Snyder), Texas (Abbott) and New York (Cuomo) Governors are said to be moving toward increasing higher ed funding as a trend (she said that to the CA state assembly budget subcommittee to prod them to fund UC in video clip here.) Does she also mean to say that- implicit in her comment- that their (NY,TX,MI) salary and tuition approaches should be followed by CA as well? Did she just forget to include Kasich?
CA Assembly moves noted in Daily Cal New State Assembly Bill Would Cap NonResident Population At 10 Percent Per UC Campus

And, also at Daily Cal: sometimes important to remember not all divestment interest based around any one particular political movement- and so, maybe should not be marginalized as such- sometimes multiple special interests, could this be an example of it: here.
There's UCLA Fac Blog writes: "We have noted on this blog that administrators on UC campuses really can't control what student groups do or don't do, say or don't say. But we have also noted that current institutional arrangements seem to force UC officialdom to become involved and to have to defend or explain to the outside world whenever incidents occur. More separation of student activities from official UC structures would help. Students would be free to do/say whatever they like without official intervention. And UC could more readily say that what may be done by some of its tens of thousands of students does not represent any official stance."
(Where Teachable Moment = dialogue, interaction
Instead of controls, edicts, sanctions passed down - or ostracizing and 'other'-ing in policy debates)

Was the 'flag flap' a teachable moment for UC admin leadership that was passed up and instead devolved into admin jumping on a band wagon and immediately ostracizing a group of students?

Was that UCLA student hiring committee meeting -their questions in particular- a teachable moment for UC admin leadership? (It certainly was a teachable moment -student to student- when some students raised their objection to those questions and explained why they objected to the questions during that meeting-- Big kudos to the Bruins who did that teachable moment work!)
And, while at it... was it appropriate for Dirks to use a batch of new hires for handling campus sex assault as the reason for admin bloat, compensation practices at Cal? (Perhaps those hires were more in response to the UCB being on Title IX review rather than to anything else) - Listen to the way it sounded in this interview -at the 28:30 mark-.

Does it sound that way to you?

[Admin bloat existed before the Title IX review and before,during and after Op Ex, remember this here:
“Over the past seven years UC’s core spending has increased 27%, while the enrollment of California undergraduates rose only 4%,” Atkins said, noting that between 2007 and 2013, the number of UC employees making more than $200,000 has doubled.

Anyway, why did Dirks raise that subject matter in response to admin bloat, hiring compensation ? That was a disappointing section of the interview, but he also talks about faculty teaching loads; campus climate issues; the liberal arts as a salve for policy and societal problems; his interest in teaching again; Richmond Global/Richmond Bay/ Richmond Field Station dreams; the 'Committee of Two' as taking all the oxygen out of the room-- C.O.2-- and other things covered in the audience Q & A in the last half.

Remember 'I am --' and 'I am not'...
a Cal author w/ this NPR post, good read: Who Was Spock?

it all goes back to the Kobayashi Maru

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