Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UC Tech?

Is that what it would be called? (cuz you can't use CalT---)

Sac Bee: Bill Would Create New Tech-Focused University of California Campus
Gatto said the proposed UC-Tech could be the public equivalent of the prestigious, private California Institute of Technology in Pasadena – an opportunity to expand enrollment while also promoting the kinds of graduates that California’s burgeoning tech industry is searching for.

“If you look at the people in California who are making big money...these subjects are wedding some kind of technology with some kind of creativity,” Gatto said. “There’s a tremendous value in having all the minds of a field together on a campus.”

LA Times: coverage on it includes this : ..."we have the resources for the first time in a long time"

SF Biz Journal notes: it does not yet have backing from the UC Regents

Daily Cal on: Napolitano in Ensenada last week for collaborative meeting


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