Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do it for the...faculty?

First, note this line: “We are asking for additional funding so we can continue to increase our enrollment, so we can recruit and retain top faculty.” : here at Fresno Bee.
Then see: U. California Loses Hedge Fund Chief, Looks to Recruit
With a transformation of the $90 billion fund's team nearly complete, a remaining senior role has opened up.
The University of California’s (UC) longtime head of hedge funds Lynda Choi has submitted her resignation, CIO has learned.

Choi’s departure—scheduled for July 1—will end her decade-long leadership of the now-$6 billion portfolio, putting the managing director role up for grabs.

She is to leave behind a legacy of strong performance and an investment office that has almost wholly transformed over the past year.

Also this in it:

Generous pay packets (Bachher joined for a target $1.23 million), vast capital, institutional support, and sovereign fund-style vision have attracted senior staffers from Norges Bank Investment Management, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and Bachher’s old stomping ground: the Alberta Investment Management Corporation.
Changing Universities: Does Instructional Quality Matter to the UC?
includes: The people representing the university at the table argue that lecturers should have no expectation of having a career until they pass their sixth-year review, and so it is not necessary to review their teaching and service before they come up for a continuing appointment. Since most lecturers never make it to their sixth year, this means that the university does not think it is important to judge the quality of instruction for the majority of lecturers.

Daily Cal: Campus students, faculty fight to reverse tenure decision for environmental science professor
“Carolyn is like a case study of the problems with tenure for women and people of color, and what happens when they embody both,” said Chryl Corbin, another one of Finney’s doctoral students.
Former assistant professor Kim TallBear left UC Berkeley because she felt that her “credibility and approach was second-guessed constantly” as a feminist scholar in ESPM. TallBear said she was privy to conversations in the department during which faculty members openly discussed Finney’s role as a public intellectual, as opposed to a traditional academic, and how that would negatively affect her career.


Daily Cal: Campus faculty urge review of investigations into allegations faced by former vice chancellor - not just any ol' run of the mill VC - i.e. Vice Chancellor for Research

Daily Bruin: Students at UCSA Conference call for more funding, transparency

US Senate Democrats Introduce Resolution Calling For Debt-Free Public College
The Senate resolution was introduced by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), while Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) introduced the House version.

The lawmakers support plans to increase financial aid, help states lower tuition and make it possible for students to earn degrees in less time.

In a statement, they noted that the cost of college has increased by 300 percent over the last 30 years and that when students graduate with debt, it has negative effects on the economy.

“When students graduate with loads of debt, the ripple effects are endless; they're less likely to start a business, to buy a house, and to realize their full potential," Schumer said. "When it comes to making college affordable, I'm hopeful that debt-free college is the next big idea."

National Journal with this:
Ms. Napolitano, who is now head of the nation's largest public research university system, will discuss the new initiatives within California's public universities to provide additional financial aid to immigrants, as well as why she supports President Obama's executive action on immigration. Following her keynote remarks, she will sit down for a one-on-one interview...

Davis Enterprise:
on UCD's School of Public Health or School of Population and Global Health debate:
“Unless you don’t do something different than they do, it’s hard to justify the cost of starting up a new one,” Kizer said.

Other questions about how the school would be accredited as a brand-new type of institution are being considered.

“We’d be writing the book on how it works at a School of Population and Global Health,” he said.

Next up for the proposed school? Support personnel have been added and subcommittees are being planned, along with an inventory of existing programs, centers and departments that are related to the new school being conducted. Also, proposals are underway for the regents and UCD’s Academic Senate.

Kizer said with a smile, “The people most interested in this are also very busy.”

Some UCD town gown coverage, this from Sac Bee: The two faces of UC Davis’ annual Picnic Day

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