Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy 'Equal Pay Day' - UC Style...

[The next Equal Pay Day is Tuesday, April 14, 2015. This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. Equal Pay Day involves thousands of local advocates in programs and activities focused on eradicating wage discrimination against women and people of color. It's about equal pay for equal work, equity etc.---Not about everyone being paid the same amount regardless the job description.]
This Daily Cal piece: UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor For Research Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegations Arise

The Chronicle reported that the UC Office of the President investigated the allegations and found evidence that Fleming’s behavior may have been inappropriate. In a letter to the chancellor, Fleming criticized the investigation, according to the Chronicle. A public relations consultant working with his lawyer also told the Chronicle that Fleming denies the allegations.

and also touches on the past in this:
Leite was fired in 2012 for allegedly violating the university’s sexual harassment policies when she increased the salary of an employee with whom she was having a sexual relationship. Before being fired, Leite was notified by Fleming that she would be demoted and have her pay docked from $188,531 to $175,000.

SF Chronicle gets into it here: UC Berkeley's Chief of Research Exits As Sex Charges Fly

Leite, now 50, worked under Fleming until her firing in 2012. Among her allegations:

•In 2009, while on a university business trip, Fleming rubbed Leite’s feet while they were lying on a hotel room bed fully clothed and put his arm around her.

•Fleming touched her breasts during a gathering with colleagues in 2009 at the Cal Faculty Club and said he wanted to “molest” her.

•He kissed the back of her neck in 2011 and sent “affectionate and familiar e-mails” to her over an extended period.

In January, Fleming sent Chancellor Dirks a letter acknowledging that he had “used poor judgment” with Leite on several occasions and that he “sincerely” regretted the actions, “as well as the embarrassment those actions may cause the university.”

“However, I strongly deny that any of my actions toward Ms. Leite were unwelcome or otherwise constitute sex harassment,” Fleming wrote.

Fleming’s exit is the latest chapter in a drama that began in 2011 when Leite’s relationship with purchasing manager Jonathan Caniezo, who is 17 years her junior, was detailed in a whistle-blower letter to her university bosses. While the two were together, Caniezo’s annual pay grew from $57,864 in 2008 to $120,000.
-- Must read section in the last three paragraphs there for more twists in the story.

Local press CBS coverage:
UC Berkeley Research Administrator Accused Of Wanting To ‘Molest’ Assistant Resigns Amid Sexual Assault Investigation

The UC Regents received a pretty basic and generic presentation on undergraduate education at the last UC Regents meeting in March. It was presented by the Chancellor of UC Berkeley, he closed by stating his belief in the importance of UC Constitutional autonomy in CA as protecting the research arm of UC especially. Some of the Regents, like Keiffer, said they next would like presentations on the important research side of the university next -they specifically said they wanted a presentation on "research". (Doubt very much they want to get into how research and Title IX and pay equity intersect sometimes in higher ed and at UC...)
Remember the UC profit sharing circles (for some) were mentioned in this news piece on UC Davis - wonder-- is data on those circles included in how it is all compared, quantified in these efforts listed: here and: here?

Anyone remember the UC Regents compensation tiger team blah blah blah some years back?

Also, there's Modest Gains in Faculty Pay- Inside Higher Education

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