Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is that their version of 'elite' -and will it be a lemming parade to follow...or, is it a good idea?

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In it, a link to:
The Economist: The Log-On Degree- College in America is ruinously expensive. Some digital cures are emerging includes:
That touches on another idea that could change the way other courses are taught, paid for and accredited: the SPOC (Small Private Online Course).

The present design of colleges he sighs, resembles “a 19th-century factory that builds everything on site”. In the next few years, Mr Ferreira says, at least one of America’s large elite institutions will break ranks and accept credits from the best online courses as part of a mainstream degree. At that point, he reckons, “the rest will quickly follow.”


Now, see IHE
Arizona State University, in partnership with edX, this fall will begin to offer credit-bearing massive open online courses at a fraction of the cost of either in-person or traditional online education.
ASU’s faculty members will create about a dozen general-education MOOCs, the first of which -- an introductory astronomy course -- will launch this August. Anyone can register for and take the MOOCs for free, but those who pay a $45 fee to verify their identity can at the end of each course decide if they want to pay the university a separate, larger fee to earn academic credit for their work.


Salas' Student Fairness Act Advances

Benioff as Cal commencement speaker--It could be a good thing...his moves on philanthropy, equal pay, the Indiana thing make him interesting to watch, listen to etc.
Or not-
maybe he would have been more appropriate for UCSF rather than Cal, cuz maybe UCSF benefits far more from his donations etc., dunno.

HuffPo: Students At UC Berkeley Take A Big Step Toward Improving Mental Health On Campus

IHE: Berkeley study finds high levels of depression among graduate students

Daily Cal post -- Chancellor Dirks is citing For Whom The Bell Tolls in his address to students...

This part of the meeting focused on CSU matters:
Assembly Budgetsubcommittee #2 on Education Finance (Apr 22, 2015 02h 03m)
(They still have not posted video of the other part (#1) referenced in immediate last post with content on UC)

also in that prior post mentioned UC and energy at CA leg hearing - see:"
(btw there was this on UC and energy:
at the 01:08:00 mark)"
- now, take a look at:

Large portion of UC Berkeley loses power midday Friday

UC Berkeley: Power restored after widespread outage Friday

Robert Reich taught his class outside Wheeler Hall while the power was out

'We'll keep that light on for you', or not...

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