Monday, April 20, 2015

"Similarly, UC Berkeley provided data to The Huffington Post last year, but declined to separate how many students were expelled versus suspended. Initially, the flagship campus cited federal privacy law but later admitted it was just declining to share the information."

-- and so then what happened? Did HuffPo/others continue to request? or? See: Huffington Post: on the above quote and some CA state legislative moves here.
then see...
Daily Cal with another 'and so then what happened' update here, that includes:
Beles described instances of Kevess’ conduct as mutual, albeit unethical. According to Infante, though, the charges encompassed allegations that patients did not know what was happening when Kevess initiated sexual contact.

“He was a man of discipline, a man of commitment,” Beles said at the hearing of Kevess’ medical career. “He takes all of that and he crashes that and now he loses that.”

The mother and sister of one of the patients traveled from Los Angeles to attend the hearing after being invited by the court. The judge did not allow them to speak, however, because the patient had died and his case was subsequently dropped from the charges.

The deceased patient graduated from the campus in 2010 and was allegedly sexually abused while being treated by Kevess. In 2012, his parents filed a suit against Kevess, claiming that the doctor’s actions had caused their son to commit suicide. The suit was later dismissed.

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