Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Some More CA Higher Ed Leg. Moves - April Edition, and a bit more.

Daily Cal: State Assembly Subcommittee Holds Hearing On UC Enrollment Issues
includes comments from some new UCOP leadership and then: UC Berkeley doctoral student Charlie Eaton, who spoke at the hearing, encouraged the university to restore in-state enrollment rates, which he said is unlikely to happen unless the university is “required to do so by the state budget.”

He also said the university is “constantly under pressure to compete with wealthy private institutions like Stanford.” According to Eaton, Stanford University froze undergraduate enrollment at about 1,700 students, the majority of which are out-of-state, while also doubling non-hospital spending per student.

“While Stanford is among the most extreme cases, exponential growth in endowment financed spending at the wealthiest institutions has unleashed unprecedented levels of spending to lure top faculty and students away from institutions like UC,” Eaton said during the hearing.

Restoring the university’s in-state admission rates, Eaton said, could “further strengthen public support for providing new, dedicated revenue for building on UC’s greatness.”

Will post video of that assembly budget subcommittee meeting if/when it becomes available :here.

(btw there was this on UC and energy:
at the 01:08:00 mark)

Ok, so the: CA Assembly held their Higher Ed Committee Meeting and some various highlights including:
57:OO mark specifically on UC and admissions

The Master Plan 'not really codified into law' discussion at the 01:05:00

Requirements on admissions to CA residents tied to funding or else it is empty leg.

Also Assemblymember Williams presentation of AB 967.

This is: the agenda link.

AB-509 California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: exemptions.
Perea Assembly - Higher Education

AB-626 Community colleges: employees.
Low Assembly - Higher Education

AB-752 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
Salas Assembly - Higher Education

AB-770 Community colleges: basic skills innovation program.
Irwin Assembly - Higher Education

AB-798 College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015.
Bonilla Assembly - Higher Education

AB-801 Postsecondary education: Success for Homeless Youth in Higher Education Act. Bloom Assembly - Higher Education

AB-819 Public postsecondary education: alumni associations.
Irwin Assembly - Higher Education

AB-967 Postsecondary education: sexual assault cases. Williams
Assembly - Higher Education

AB-969 Community college districts: removal, suspension, or expulsion.
Williams Assembly - Higher Education

AB-986 Community Colleges: Compton Community College District: report.
Gipson Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1000 California State University: student success fees.
Weber Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1010 Community colleges: part-time, temporary employees.
Medina Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1145 Pupils: Early Commitment to College program.
Medina Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1212 Postsecondary education: Student Freedom of Association Act.
Grove Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1228 Public postsecondary education: campus housing: priority for homeless youth. Gipson Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1307 Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act.
McCarty Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1317 Public postsecondary education: executive officer compensation.
Salas Assembly - Higher Education

AB-1349 Public postsecondary education: California First Act.
Weber Assembly - Higher Education

Also, this link to a separate seventeen minute video excerpt of this meeting that focuses on homeless students at UC and CSU and CCCs; and also AB 626 on full and part time faculty and student:faculty ratios (unfortunately it cuts off in the middle of testimony from a part time lecturer), see:


And, there's this other CA Senate Ed Committee Meeting from April 22:

Senate Education Committee April 22


Governor Brown and Milken- in a very odd Forbes way...

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