Sunday, April 12, 2015

The 'Los Angelism' or the 'Berkeleyism', or?

Remember some earlier problems were blamed on the 'Los Angelism'-- is this next, to borrow a football metaphor, 'a reverse pattern'?

Now a recent UCB mess comes to another UC campus, see

LA Times: Ex-PUC chief Michael Peevey's talks with UCLA are investigated

UT San Diego: Utilities Scandal Now Touches UCLA

Daily Bruin: Investigators Looking Into Talks Between UCLA, Former CPUC President

SF Chron on Feds Ask UCLA Administrator About Talks With Ex-Regulator In SF Chronicle

Daily Cal notes (Peevey's wife) State Senator Carol Liu one of three who voted in favor of this:

A state Senate bill that would direct funding toward the UC and CSU systems, and potentially halt the 5 percent tuition hike, was unanimously approved by the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday. SB 15 — introduced by senators Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, Marty Block, D-San Diego, and Carol Liu,
And there's also this on proposed legislation on lowering tuition for residents and increasing it for non residents in this: Senate Committee Approves Bill to Lower Tuition For California Residents Possibly Increase Fees for Nonresidents
CounterPunch with this in depth post on "Who Will Benefit From University Of California’s New “Global Campus?" at UC Berkeley

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