Thursday, May 14, 2015

2 For 2- or 'split down the middle' - "The plan faces some likely changes as it goes through the state Legislature over coming weeks."

see LA Times:
No UC tuition hikes for Californians as Brown offers more funds
Under the agreement outlined Thursday, UC officials said the system will receive 4% increases in state funding in each of the next four years, for a cumulative total of $507 million. Plus, in the sweetener that sealed the deal, UC is expected to receive a total of $436 million over three years from the state’s rainy day surplus to help pay its pension obligations; in exchange, UC will work on further changes in its retirement plans that likely will put a cap on or reduce some potential benefits for new hires.

AP coverage via KCRA gives a helpful breakdown on it toward the end of their article on it: here

Sac Bee w/ more on the fireworks yesterday - California Legislators Blast UC Over Financial Aid For Out of State Students

UC...still under the magnifying glass - still no consensus and still consternation, disgust, concern over the approach, also see:

Can Two People Hold California’s Higher Education Hostage? Why the State’s Universities and Colleges Desperately Need a New Master Plan

by Daniel J.B. Mitchell

You can also read it at UCLA Faculty Blog
Governor Brown talks

--'the gap'...stratification and class structure throughout and

--the coming recession in the future sometime, rainy day, and he mentions UC repeatedly in the first few minutes

--he mentions UC and reducing UC costs at the 00:04:00

--and, importantly, at the 00:09:00 he talks about UC and Prop 2 and ** also mentions that three UC depts have agreed to follow a professor back east's model on the cost of courses at UC and an agreement to use it at UC to analyze course offerings**

--00:12:30 mark UC funding compared with K-12 funding and other programs -- Prop 2 also comes up again

--00:22:10 Gov says on UC --they are going to put a cap on the defined benefits for new hires and then he mentions from things like candy bars to tuition- prices will go up

he ends his comments at the 00:30:30 mark and staff then step up to field questions


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