Friday, May 29, 2015

Already... Yet... Ever... - Can It Be Called A Success?

Much of UC and CA is still undecided etc. it seems -but see this from
Herald Sun: UNC Presidential Panel Concurs On Consultant includes this view on UC:
A public university system should be looking to “figure out how it joins in that kind success,” he said, adding that in California’s Bay Area, Stanford University has created an economy around itself while the University of California’s Berkeley campus still frets about its share of state subsidies.

Aside from the Duke hires, Isaacson’s highest-profile recruitment effort was the one that resulted in former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano becoming president of the University of California system.

Isaacson said the first job in a search process is figuring out what the system needs from a new chief executive. And in California, while many people in the UC system wanted an academic, “that’s not really what the task was.”

Rather, it was “how does one establish a new compact” between the system, “the citizens of California and their elected representatives,” he said.

That “was going to be hard political labor, with people who were not necessarily going to be kindly about it,” Isaacson said. “We were looking for someone who had the size, dimension and quality not to be frightened [by that]. That’s how we got to Janet.”

Napolitano quickly established her credibility with the state’s leaders.

“I don’t think Jerry Brown [California’s governor] thinks very many people in the world are his peeps,” but he sees Napolitano as someone he can work with, Isaacson said.
check out the full article for more.
yes, it was still true this morning
see: Still Nothing and lots of folks would like the archive of it

the UC Regents and UCOP still have not provided the archive of this weeks UC Regents investments meeting- as also noted here earlier, but check back and see the video link now posted:
- (perhaps students could have put it on youtube or something by now and would not have forced viewers to install a bunch of crap in order to view it though??)

Others who were paying close attention to the live feed are covering it, see CIO:
Strategy Overhaul for UC Regents Fund
After a year in the role, CIO Jagdeep Bachher’s new approach is taking shape.

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